The Shmooze

Returning to the Scene of the Crime, Camera in Hand

By Adam Sacks

Gleefully puffing on a cigarette while telling Jewish jokes, Marceline Loridan-Ivens radiates a vivacious, youthful presence. But she did not come to New York simply to crack jokes. This 75-year-old survivor of Auschwitz, with a will as fiery as her red hair, came to the city recently from her home in Paris to introduce the screeningRead More

Radio Rabbi Creates Community Over the Airwaves

By Deborah Waroff

LONDON — Rabbi Lionel Blue is arguably the most popular Jew in the United Kingdom. He is funny and irreverent and considered by some to be an iconoclast. Cherub-faced rabbis who share recipes, pen travel books and yuk it up onstage in stand-up routines, after all, are few and far between.But mainly, Blue owes his status as one of England’sRead More

New Play About Crown Heights Blames Jews for Deadly Riots

By Zackary Sholem Berger

A play blaming Jews for the Crown Heights riots of 1991 has opened at a new theater on West 42nd Street that was built in part with a tax-exempt, multimillion-dollar city bond.The play, called “Crown Heights,” portrays the murder of chasidic scholar Yankel Rosenbaum as a tragic accident in a fight in which Jews threw the first punch. It is aRead More

Party Faithful Raise Their Glasses for Bush’s State of the Union

By Max Gross

Marc Melzer, a law student at the University of Pennsylvania, was in his apartment with a few friends last Tuesday night, watching President Bush’s State of the Union address. The president inveighed against rogue states that harbored terrorists. These states, the president said, could supply terrorists withRead More

Bringing Spanish Literature to Life — in English

By Max Gross

Edith Grossman has long played Sancho Panza to Gabriel García Márquez’s Don Quixote. For the past 15 years or so, Grossman has been Márquez’s translator — turning his magical-realist Colombian novels into straightforward, lyrical English.Now Grossman is also Sancho Panza to the original Don Quixote.Anyone who has browsed through theirRead More

Family Recipes Get Put to the Test in the Chicken Soup Challenge

By Max Gross

Think that the golden chicken broth that your mother fed you when you were sick is the greatest panacea in the world? The most delicious? The most salubrious?Prove it.On January 8 the National Jewish Outreach Program announced its Chicken Soup Challenge, a national contest to find the best chicken soup in America (beside your mother’s) in anRead More

Transforming Tragedies Into Memorable Memorials

By Nathaniel Popper

One of the defining characteristics of Michael Arad’s winning design for the World Trade Center memorial is the empty space in the concave footprints of the twin towers, symbols used to conjure up memories of what was destroyed and cannot be replaced.The 34-year-old Israeli’s concept is reminiscent of two other recent memorials, bothRead More

Nazi Leader’s Boat for Sale in Egypt

The yacht that formerly belonged to Nazi Hermann Goering is up for sale in Egypt.German boat dealer Christopher Brunner-Schwer told Der Spiegel magazine that he hopes to make a fortune selling the boat, posted for sale by the American widow of an Egyptian oil agent.“Arabs like the boat’s history,” he said, “and thatRead More

U.N. Recognizes Human Rights Activist’s Work

By Miriam Colton

Shulamith Koenig often quotes the French Jewish philosopher Emmanuel Lévinas, insisting that if only one person was missing from the world, the absolute truth would be different.“This is what I do,” Koenig said. “I want to include every individual so everyone can understand human rights.”Last month Koenig, 73, becameRead More

Sounding the Alarm About Israel’s Demographic Crisis

By Larry Derfner

When Arnon Soffer first issued his warning in the 1980s — that Arabs would outnumber Jews in Israel and the occupied territories by around 2010 — he was widely dismissed as a crackpot Jeremiah. Now the Israeli public and its leaders appear to have caught up with him.Soffer, head of the geography department at the UniversityRead More

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