French Jews Protest State’s ‘Silence’ on UNESCO Jerusalem Votes

(JTA) — France’s main Jewish groups urged members to rally in front of the headquarters of the country’s foreign ministry to protest its failure to oppose U.N. resolutions that ignore Jewish ties to Jerusalem. CRIF, the political lobby group representing French Jewish communities, in a rare move was joined by the Consistoire, French Jewry’s organ responsible…

Portland State University Students Vote 22-2 for BDS Resolution

(JTA) — Portland State University’s student senate passed a resolution urging divestment from companies that “profit from human rights violations” by Israel against Palestinians. The resolution passed Monday with 22 votes in favor, two against and one abstention, according to the meeting notes, the conservative news and opinion site The College Fix reported. The measure draws links between black and indigenous civil…


The Right of Palestinian Return Would Mean the End of Jewish Israel

There is a reason why biculturalism failed before 1948; it was at odds with the cultural preferences of virtually all Palestinians and most Jews.

Pro-Trump Radio Host Claims ‘Jewish Mafia’ Controls Nation

(JTA) — Radio host and Donald Trump supporter Alex Jones ranted about “the Jewish mafia” that controls the U.S., and accused the prominent Jewish Emanuel family of being at the center of it. Jones, who has interviewed Trump on his show, went on a long harangue on the show Tuesday in which he denied being anti-Semitic,…


Taking Back the Z: Why Zionism Isn’t Just for Right Wing Jews

Zionism means what we make it mean.

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