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Tal Fortgang's Misguided Princeton 'Privilege' Lament

I’ve been watching with exhaustion the saga of the privileged Princeton kid, grandson of Holocaust survivors, who has declared via a bratty op-ed echoing ‘round the web, that he will not apologize for his privilege. White, male, and proud. Take that, ye P.C. police, young Tal Fortgang declares.

Learning To Be Orthodox Bride From Romance Novels

“When you get out of the mikveh, you should put on make-up and lotion for your husband,” the kallah teacher instructed. “He will be waiting for you.”

Why Women Are Gaga for Hillary

There’s been a sea change in the way the public feels about Hillary Clinton since her run for president in 2008. Back then we had respect for Clinton and knew she is competent and trustworthy, but we didn’t deem her worthy of the same giddy excitement as her then-competitor President Obama.

In Donald Sterling Drama, It's All About Power

Getty Images // Donald Sterling and V. Stiviano

Ban Me From Driving — Please!

Frimet Goldberger’s children enjoy their recent family road trip. She admits being happy to get out of the driver’s seat for good.

Share the Sisterhood

Share the Sisterhood

Share the Sisterhood