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The Sisterhood is a digital incarnation of the traditional place women came together to share, debate, learn and lead. Sometimes serious. Sometimes fun. Always interesting. To be part of this lively community connecting Jewish women across generations and geography, contact Sarah Breger breger@forward.com.

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Is Aly Raisman's Nude Photoshoot as Scandalous We Think?

In October 1977, Barbra Streisand asked, “What’s a nice Jewish girl like me doing on the cover of Playboy?” Now with Jewish two-time Olympic medalist Aly Raisman posing naked for ESPN The Magazine’s Annual “Body Issue,” we’re asking a similar question. “It sounds like a Jewish mother’s nightmare,” writes JTA’s Andrew Tobin about Raisman’s photo shoot, “But Playboy, it’s not.”

How to Fix Orthodox Conversion in America

Last year I discovered that my rabbi, Barry Freundel, filmed me naked while I was in the mikveh bathroom preparing to convert (during a “practice dunk”) and while converting to Judaism. After outrage and sorrow, I felt fear. Fear for the integrity of my conversion with his name at the top of my documents.

A Single Mother Takes On the Chief Rabbinate

Martina Ragacova had never planned to become the symbol of a growing uprising against Israel’s draconian conversion laws. All this Czech-born woman wanted was to have her conversion recognized so that she could live and work in Israel like any other Jew.

The Rosa Parks of Israeli Cemeteries

Susan Ahyed’s long fight for justice, culminating in an Supreme Court victory last week, began with a rather morbid thought.

In Israel, Love is Not Love

In his characteristically crisp manner, President Barak Obama summed up the recent US Supreme Court decision acknowledging the right of gays to marry: Love is love. The Constitution is about individual liberty. And change is possible.