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The Sisterhood is a digital incarnation of the traditional place women came together to share, debate, learn and lead. Sometimes serious. Sometimes fun. Always interesting. To be part of this lively community connecting Jewish women across generations and geography, contact Phoebe Maltz Bovy at bovy@forward.com . Please see our Submissions Guidelines here .

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Why I Didn’t Fast On Tisha B’Av — And Why Now I (Kinda) Do

Until not too long ago, Tisha B’Av was an “eating day” for me. Every mouthful was a bid for God’s attention. “Look God! I’m drinking coffee! Over here — these blueberry waffles are delicious!” On Yom Kippur I fasted like a champ, but Tisha B’Av was my “un-fast.” “Look God, I’m eating!” It was an act against God, and an act for the sake of my father.

Mayim Bialik Won’t Stay Silent On Orthodox Blurring Out Women’s Faces

If you think the fact that Mayim Bialik can’t speak for a month will keep her from publicly sharing her opinion, you obviously don’t know Mayim Bialik.

American Orthodox Rabbis Don’t Trust Women By Themselves In Mikvehs. Why?

In the past few years, the American Jewish establishment has spoken out against the Israeli Chief Rabbinate’s refusal — sometimes retroactive — to recognize conversions and marriages performed by American rabbis, one of whom, most notably, oversaw the conversion of Ivanka Trump. For many American Jews, the chief rabbinate was, once again, being unnecessarily strict and inconsistent in its application of the law.

However, in the case of mikvehs, or ritual baths, it is the American Orthodox community that lags behind Israel.

A Jewish Mother Takes Trump To Task

Frankly, bubele , you should be ashamed. For this we sent you to Wharton? To put wrestling videos on the Twitter? We both know you can do better. Your sister the judge wrote opinions, none of this tweeted narishkeyt (foolishness).

Eight (Jewish) Things You Didn’t Know About Eloise

Eloise, the irrepressible and obnoxious resident of New York’s famed Plaza Hotel, is currently the focus of an exhibit at the New-York Historical Society titled “Eloise at the Museum.” Many admirers of this privileged child dedicated to creative disruption are unaware that her creator, Kay Thompson, was born Catherine Louise (Kitty) Fink in St. Louis, Missouri, the daughter of a Jewish immigrant pawnbroker. Thompson assumed many roles in her life, yet her most famous creation was Eloise. Here are some facts and suggestions to ponder about Eloise’s Jewish roots.

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