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The Sisterhood is a digital incarnation of the traditional place women came together to share, debate, learn and lead. Sometimes serious. Sometimes fun. Always interesting. To be part of this lively community connecting Jewish women across generations and geography, contact Helen Chernikoff, chernikoff@forward.com, or Josefin Dolsten, dolsten@forward.com.

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How Breastfeeding Israeli Marathon Runner Went From Olympic Hero to Scapegoat

Within less than six months, Lonah Chemtai Korlima has gone from being embraced by the public as she fought the bureaucracy to obtain Israeli citizenship to facing a storm of criticism over her performance at the Olympics.

Orthodox Synagogue Hires Female ‘Rabbanit’ in First for Israel

(JTA) — In a first for an Orthodox congregation in Israel, a woman has been hired as a spiritual leader at a Jerusalem synagogue.

Israeli Women Inch Toward Gains in Religious Divorce Struggle

(JTA) — In this case, the sins of the son are the sins of the father.

Here’s How Amy Schumer Should Respond to Kurt Metzger’s Rape Comments

The latest public incident of rape mansplaining and victim-blaming — incident, mind, not controversy; publicly disrespecting and undermining women isn’t controversial, it’s just wrong — has centered on an unlikely figure: Amy Schumer. In a now-deleted Facebook post, comedian Kurt Metzger, who has written for Schumer’s Comedy Central Show “Inside Amy Schumer,” lambasted the decision of the Upright Citizens Brigade to ban comedian Aaron Glaser after an internal investigation reviewing several allegations of rape against him. Metzger focused his criticism on women for not immediately reporting rapes to the police.

Monica Lewinsky and the Trope of the Jewish Temptress in the Trump Age

While we as a nation prepare for the presidential debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump — the first one is slated to take place at Hofstra University on September 26 — much is being written about each candidate’s debate prep. Trump is battening down the hatches by taking advice from former Fox News chairman and many-time sexual harassment accusee Roger Ailes. Clinton, for her part, is searching for a sparring partner to ready herself for the fight ahead.

There are many things that Clinton could legitimately be taken to task for — her hawkishness, allegations of corruption and ties to big banks and Wall Street, to name a few. But one particularly problematic subject of focus when it comes to her debate prep — as pointed out by a recent Politico article — is Monica Lewinsky.

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