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The Sisterhood is a digital incarnation of the traditional place women came together to share, debate, learn and lead. Sometimes serious. Sometimes fun. Always interesting. To be part of this lively community connecting Jewish women across generations and geography, contact Sarah Breger breger@forward.com.

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The Fight for Planned Parenthood is Far From Over

The vote on a measure to defund Planned Parenthood failed in the Senate Monday, falling short of the required 60 votes to move forward. The vote was 53-46.

Why Supporting Planned Parenthood is a Jewish Issue

The attack on Planned Parenthood is only the latest in a campaign by anti-abortion activists and politicians to interfere with a woman’s personal decision-making, to challenge our religious freedom and to push affordable health care out of reach, including abortion. Past efforts to ban federal funds from Planned Parenthood have failed, so now abortion opponents have mounted a new attack targeting the organization, using videos that were surreptitiously obtained and heavily edited to make it appear that Planned Parenthood profits from the “sale” of fetal tissue, which it most clearly does not.

On 'Daily Show,' Amy Schumer Continues To Discuss Gun Violence

Amy Schumer continued to discuss gun violence in America on Monday night’s appearance on “The Daily Show.” When asked her reaction to the July shooting at a screening of her film “Trainwreck” that left two dead and nine injured, Schumer responded “I was like, legit heartbroken.”

A 16th-Century Dutch Artist's NSFW Take on Biblical Women

Before pornographic magazines and websites, there were religious and mythological paintings.

Jewish Women’s Eggs Are in Demand — But Are they ‘Kosher’?

(Washington Jewish Week via JTA) – Laura has donated her eggs four times to women who needed help having children.