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Are Religious Women Treated As Second-Class Feminists?

Image: JOFA

“There is simply no room for women in the beit midrash”

The 'Shidduch Crisis' Blame Game

I once joked that if New York is such a great place to meet people then why are there so many singles out there? Lo and behold, there might actually be an answer. Writing in TIME, Jon Birger, author of “Date-onomics: How Dating Became a Lopsided Numbers Game” a new book on dating, blames demographics. Because there are more available women than men, a sort of paradox of choice effect arises where men are freer to be more selective due to the greater number of options, even if it means they never actually find someone. Dates for men become a form of comparison shopping while women face the burden of impressing the very people who are constantly looking for something better.

The 'Shidduch Crisis' Has Led to an Orthodox Obsession with Female Beauty

We usually don’t take a car,” the yeshiva boy says to the driver, an older Irish man with a hearty laugh and a dapper straw hat. “But the lady was inappropriately attired (he winks at his date), in her heels I mean, so we had to — “

What the VMAs Taught Us About Female Friendship

On Sunday night, Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood,” a song about friends-turned-enemies, won Video of the Year at the MTV Video Music Awards. The video features a parade of female celebrities (Lena Dunham, Karlie Kloss, Ellen Pompeo, Jessica Alba, Cindy Crawford, Cara Delevingne) that highlights Swift’s “squad,” her group of female friends she has been promoting on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #squad, #squadgoals, and #girlsquad. Swift isn’t the only one using these hashtags. squad hashtags have become ubiquitous (The Atlantic declared it “The Summer of the #Squad”) in a spate of posts that revel in the camaraderie and solidarity of women.

When High-Profile Sexual Predators Find High-Profile Support

Many members of the Jewish community are scratching their heads these days about the seemingly bizarre decision by the board of the Riverdale Jewish Center to keep on Jonathan Rosenblatt as their communal rabbi despite significant evidence that he has been acting inappropriately in his leadership role. To be fair there are people like Dr Steven Bayme who, according to the New York Times, decided that they cannot morally justify staying in such a synagogue, despite four decades of commitment, and for that they should be commended. And yet, despite what seems like an obvious history of violations of some basic moral and Jewish tenets, the board is retaining Rosenblatt, making victims of sexual abuse and their allies question the ethical backbone of the entire Orthodox community.