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The Sisterhood is a digital incarnation of the traditional place women came together to share, debate, learn and lead. Sometimes serious. Sometimes fun. Always interesting. To be part of this lively community connecting Jewish women across generations and geography, contact Sarah Breger breger@forward.com.

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Israeli Breast Cancer Survivor Filling a Niche with Nipples

(JTA) — Michelle Kolath-Arbel squeezes a nipple, rolling it in her fingers with a look of mild disgust.

Israeli Women Should Keep Sexual Assault on the Agenda

It is that time of year again. February is almost halfway over. The year, which was new not so long ago, is already in its second month. December’s stock-taking - if you go in for that sort of thing - seems like a distant memory. Our resolutions probably didn’t become manifest. We probably didn’t become better people. And, most probably, we didn’t make it to the gym.

Why the Western Wall Deal is a Victory for Now

(JTA) – On the morning of Dec. 1, 1988, a group of about 70 Jewish women entered the sacred space of the Western Wall. The women represented all the major streams of Judaism. Some wore prayer shawls or kippahs. Some did not. One woman cradled a Torah in her arms.

The Bullying Tactics of Hillary Clinton and the Group-Think Feminists

First the radical feminists came for the conservative women, but you do not speak up because you aren’t conservative. Then they came for the pro-life women, but you did not speak up because you aren’t pro-life.

Hillary Clinton's Feminist Appeal

As Sady Doyle points out, it’s a mistake to treat entire generations of women as “a monolith.” Just as some women— such as Stefanie Iris Weiss here — support Sanders despite being older than the much-hyped millennial generation, so, too, are there the occasional members of the supposedly Sanders-loving demographic who lean the other way.

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