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Advice On Avoiding Parenting Body-Image Pitfalls

I cannot sing the praises loudly enough for Stephanie Goldfarb’s Kveller piece, “Stop Telling Your Daughter She Should Eat Less Cream Cheese.” Love the piece, love the headline, love the message. In it, Goldfarb — ”a chef, a social worker, and a Jewish youth professional” — recounts leading a body image workshop mainly for Jewish women, and hearing from one woman, Linda, seeking advice on how to reduce her teenage daughter’s cream cheese consumption. Goldfarb recalls asking the woman whether she had reason to be worried about her daughter’s well-being. She did not. It was simply that mom “was concerned that her daughter might be getting a bit chubby.”

Feminist Jewish Minimalism On Display At The Met

In The New Yorker, Judith Thurman writes about two women’s wardrobes on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The first woman she mentions, Sara Berman, is our focus here. (Yes, yes, because she was Jewish, but that’s not all, I promise!) Berman — mother of artist Maira Kalman, who created the Met installation with her son, Alex Kalman — passed away more than a decade ago. And yet her spare wardrobe of neatly-folded white clothing, with some beige-ish shoes accompanying, looks like a display contemporary minimalist boutique. The story of how her wardrobe came to look that way is pretty fascinating, and ultimately not that much about fashion in the usual sense. Writes Thurman:

Personal Essay Explores Secret Jewish History Of Smurfette

There are a good number of essays floating around — and I should know, having written some of them — exploring Jews’ relationship to whiteness. And a decent number of those tackle the intersectional question of Jewish women’s peculiar racialization (and sexualization) in modern Western society. But none, to my knowledge, had addressed the issue in terms of the Smurfs. That is, until now.

Is It Sexist To Criticize Chelsea Clinton’s Children’s Book?

Chelsea Clinton has a new children’s book coming out, titled “She Persisted: 13 American Women who Changed the World.” Is this development is a positive sign of feminist #Resistance, or a groan-inducing example of a version of feminism aimed primarily at improving the lot of women who are already doing great? Does feminism demand congratulating Chelsea for each accomplishment? Or is it enough — and here’s where I stand — to refrain from berating her for being born a woman and a Clinton?

Tavi Gevinson Paid To Promote Own Apartment Building

Renaissance woman Tavi Gevinson, 20, whose illustrious career in fashion, theater, and more includes a Forward 50 nod, is being paid to promote her own apartment building, a luxury tower in Fort Greene. On the Cut, Allie Jones writes that Gevinson has been posting to Instagram using a hashtag that discreetly reveals she isn’t just documenting life in her Brooklyn home, but advertising it as well. And at Jezebel Brendan O’Connor offers some background on why sponsored content along these lines is controversial: “A reasonable person would likely look at these posts and think Gevinson is an authentically happy tenant of 300 Ashland.” Indeed.

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