Spring Education 2013

Jewish Leaders of the Education Debate

Jews dominate the debate over how to fix America’s schools.They all want to change public education. They disagree bitterly on how to do so.

Trauma-rama, Hebrew School Style

If you went to Hebrew school, you know you some really, truly embarrassing moments. Being the No. 4 candle in a Hanukkah play has to be up there.

Field Lessons: The Olive Tree Initiative brings students to Israel and the Palestinian areas, where they learn both sides? narratives.

Grassroots Student Groups Calmly Tackle Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Grassroots campus student groups formed to address the Mideast conflict often focus on dialogue rather than fierce debate.

From Ethiopian Orphanage to Jewish Day School

Mesfin Hodes was adopted by an Orthodox Jewish doctor working in Ethiopia. He knew he would get a better education if he moved to America.

Campus Revolutionaries: Melvin Meyer (far right) edited the University of Alabama?s Crimson White with Robbie Roberts (middle) and Harve Mossawir.

50 Years of Integration Began With Jewish Student's Editorial

EDUCATION: A straight-A student risked the wrath of classmates with an editorial at the University of Alabama calling for integration. His words resonate 50 years later.