Valentines Day 2013

Weighing Options: Abigail Jones tries out new configurations of her name.

A Jones by Any Other (Married) Name

Is taking your spouse’s last name a bad move? With an upcoming wedding to worry about, Abigail Drachman-Jones wonders whether she needs to change a good thing.

Dreamboat: James Deen has a following among teenage girls, called ?Deenagers.?

The Jewish Porn Star Next Door

James Deen talks about getting suspended from day school and which Jewish figure he’d like to play in a porno flick. Plus, he spills the beans on the sexy side of summer camp.

In Real Life: Amy Webb created a point system to rank men on JDate, and found Brian.

Hacking JDate to Find the Perfect Jewish Hubby

There’s no magic formula for love, as both the lovelorn and happily shacked up will tell you. But tech guru Amy Webb says there is a formula for online dating.