Luckiest Kid in the World Gets Nicki Minaj to Perform at Bar Mitzvah

Some bar mitzvah boys make viral videos. Others skip the drama and just invite Nicki Minaj.

Injured Israeli Bird Gets Feather Transplant From a German (Bird)

An injured Israeli swift has been saved from certain death by a feather transplant, thanks to an ornithophiliac couple in south Tel Aviv - and a unique collaboration between an Israeli zoo and a German clinic.

Mute Survivor Shares Painful Saga at Women's Spring Luncheon

“My mother is not only beautiful, but articulate and will take you on a journey with her” Regina Skyer — daughter of Holocaust survivor Ruth Wachner Pagirsky — told the guests at the April 23rd Museum of Jewish Heritage: A Living Memorial To the Holocaust’s 23rd Annual Spring Women’s Luncheon at The Pierre. “Sixty-nine years ago on June 19, 1946 my mother arrived in New York City. She was told not to speak, to forget all that happened to her. Everyone of you at this event is doing a mitzvah because you are here to listen, remember and teach it to the next generation.”

Jason Alexander Re-Records Epic 'Seinfeld' Voicemail for Kat Dennings

At some point or another — for better or for worse — we’ve all felt like George Costanza.

Native American Actors Walk Off Set of Adam Sandler Movie

Adam Sandler’s career is continuing in its downward spiral.