Beyonce Meets Bibi in J Street Campaign

Queen Bey, meet Bibi.

A J Street campaign called “Put a Border on It” is applying Beyonce’s admittedly flawless rhetoric to the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

Saying Goodbye to Rabbi Krustofski on 'The Simpsons'

You may have heard by now (and if not, SPOILER ALERT) that there was a tragic death on the last night’s premiere of “The Simpsons.” Rabbi Hyman Krustofski, on-and-off estranged father to Krusty the Clown, has left us for the magical shul in the sky known as “Jewish Heaven.” He was 74 years old.

All the Jewish Superheroes

Courtesy AH Comics

Talking With an Angel in Suburban Hell

An Amorous Discourse in the Suburbs of Hell
By Deborah Levy
And Other Stories, 96 pages

Remembering a 20-Year Protest for Soviet Jewry

Photo Courtesy of the Jewish Historical Society of Greater Washington

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