Joan Rivers Has Advice for Israel: Nose Jobs

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Penelope Cruz Just Wants Peace in Gaza

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Mystical Gardening and Digital Art

Growing up in central New Jersey in the early 1950s, Allen Hirsh knew virtually nothing about Judaism as a religion. “My family was rather typical of the community: extremely left-wing labor Zionists,” he said of his parents, who spoke Yiddish at least half of the time in the house. Hirsh’s father, a chicken farmer-turned-landscaper, went to kheyder for 11 years and “was considered a Yiddish language scholar by other farmers,” Hirsh said. His father, he notes, took several “extended trips” to Israel during the Suez crisis “to help build the fledgling chicken industry at Kibbutz Gesher HaZiv in northern Israel.”

Disney's Aladdin and Jasmine Re-Cast as Hamas

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Israel Embassy Tweets Image of Jihadist Mona Lisa