Bob Dylan Lyrics Cause Uproar at Israeli Memorial Day Ceremony

“I hope that you die / And your death’ll come soon.”

Pro Football Season Starts — on Rosh Hashanah

Photo: Getty Images

(JTA) — On Rosh Hashanah, according to the liturgy, our fate is written in the Book of Life.

4 Holy Land Bands Building Peace Through Music

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to eight Israeli bands worth listening to right now. However, in our listening escapades, we also found a number of bands from the region with multicultural members that are using music to help aid in communication, share peace-building techniques, and entertain and inspire across geographic and political lines. Members of these groups, many of which have both Israeli and Palestinian members, have chosen collaboration over destruction, art over war in order to address the complicated current events plaguing the Middle East right now.

Read Patti Smith's Emotional Tribute to Lou Reed

If you ever need someone to move an entire room —  including herself — to tears, just give Patti Smith a call. The rocker gave a moving tribute to her friend, the late great Lou Reed, during his posthumous induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this weekend.

William Shatner Wants To Raise $30 Billion To Build a Water Pipeline

William Shatner in full Captain Kirk mode is looking to marshal a crew for a project with an astronomical budget to deal with California’s drought problems, although some might call it a pipe dream.