'The Jews Are Coming!' (After a Yearlong Controversy)

Last year, a single promo clip — a total of 19 seconds in length — provoked a controversy over the content of the show it had been created to promote. What followed was a yearlong saga of politics, professional restructuring and grassroots marketing, as the show — an Israeli sketch comedy show called “HaYehudim Ba’im” (“The Jews Are Coming”) — languished in TV purgatory.

Forget Uber — Let Jewish Moms 'Schlep' You Around

Imagine a world in which your car service is run by your worst Jewish mother stereotype nightmare…

Harlem, Self-Help and Hollywood

Sylvester Stallone as gossip blogger Gerald in ‘Reach Me.’ Image courtesy Millenium Entertainment

WATCH Rabbi Susan Silverman's Adoption Video

It’s not often we get an “aww” moment courtesy of Sarah Silverman, but this definitely qualifies.

Monica Lewinsky Won't Change Her Last Name

Getty Images

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