Is Nicki Minaj's New Video Nazi-Themed?

Is it me, or has there been an unusual amount of inappropriate Nazi-themed pop culture lately?

Fans of Nicki Minaj are calling for the singer to take down her controversial new video, “Only You,” featuring Drake, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown. With hoards of SS-style troops goose-stepping in an ominously drab fascist landscape while sporting swastika-like armbands, it’s more than a little suggestive of the Third Reich.

'Wiesenthal' Play Offers Emotional Dialogue, Dry History

Photo: Carol Rosegg

POEM: 'Signs'

It has to do with seeing. Light.
Or dark. It has to do with
knowing. Speak and prophesy,
darken and move:
But what I see is not what I know.
What I hear is not what I believe.
And now the first light is dark,
the morning has not yet lifted the night sky.
Chirping. At first many. Then few.
A call from a deeper-throated bird
till the others rest, and start again together.
Like a chorus with various parts assigned.
I never heard it this way before.
Rumble of planes.
Bees now. Little sounds.
And flaming purple spikes light the garden.

From Linda Zisquit’s recently published new collection “Return From Elsewhere.”

DIY SodaStream Wine...It's A Bad Idea

So, to all you youngsters hoping to spice up Shabbat dinner with homemade sparkling wine: Don’t.

One kid put this sensible advice to the test when he decided to make a red wine spritzer using his SodaStream. His kitchen is now purple. The moral of this story: SodaStream and Beaujolais do not mix.

John Galliano Loses Dior Lawsuit For Unfair Dismissal

The British fashion designer John Galliano lost his lawsuit against Christian Dior for unfair dismissal.

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