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Amazon's Wishy-Washy Response to Woody Allen Accusations


You may remember that back in January, Amazon contracted Woody Allen to write and direct a new TV series, which will be streaming online on Amazon Prime Instant Video in the US, UK, and Germany.

Enjoy Fun Lady Science With Megan Amram

Chuck Schumer and Cousin Amy Schumer Team Up Against Gun Violence

So, am I the only one who hadn’t realized that Amy Schumer and U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer were related?

A Chat With Nadav Lapid, Director of 'The Kindergarten Teacher'

I looked forward to the interview with ”The Kindergarten Teacher”’s Israeli filmmaker writer/director Nadav Lapid when he arrived the day before the July 31st opening of his somewhat autobiographical film. I had so many questions about the 5-year-old poet savant Yoav (intensely portrayed by Avi Shnaidman) and the obsessed-with-his-genius kindergarten teacher the sensitive, seductive Nira exquisitely portrayed by Sarit Larry.

An Epic List of Jon Stewart's Jewiest Moments

This week is momentous. As you all know (or should know), Jon Stewart, king of the Jewish talk show hosts, is stepping down from “The Daily Show” after an epic 16-year run.