Takin’ The A Train to the Forgotten ‘Jews of Harlem’

There was once an area in Manhattan where few Jews—and almost no whites—settled, that area beneath Morningside Heights, past Central Park, above Ninety-Sixth Street on the East Side: Harlem. But in the past two decades, with gentrification and “rent is too damn high” costs to boot, the boundaries have broken down, and Jews have started to flock to the predominantly black neighborhood. Jeffrey Gurock shows that such a move has rich, if forgotten precedents in “The Jews of Harlem: The Rise, Decline, and Revival of a Jewish Community.”

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Former baseball player and sportscaster and current aspiring U.S. senator Curt Schilling can’t understand why Jews back Democrats when Democrats, he says, don’t back Israel.


4 Palestinians Detained By Their Own Police After Visiting Sukkah

Four Palestinians who attended a Sukkot celebration alongside Israelis in the home of a West Bank mayor were arrested by Palestinian security forces.


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Who are the Jewish Sufis?

5 Jewish Sufis You Should Know

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