Missouri Jewish Candidate Blasts Rival for Staying in Israel After Tornado

(JTA) — A Jewish Republican candidate for governor in Missouri has launched an attack ad accusing his Democratic opponent of ignoring the state after a devastating tornado by staying “in luxury” overseas — in Israel. The ad, aired last week in Joplin by Eric Greitens, features images of homes laid flat by a tornado that hit Joplin and Duquesne on…

John Podhoretz Says Hillary Clinton Can Already ‘Measure The Drapes’ — Thanks to Trump

It was a rocky night for Donald Trump at last night’s third and final presidential debate. According to neoconservative John Podhoretz, it went so bad that even Trump seemed to realize he would never make it to the White House.

Does Donald Trump Realize Jewish Refugees Were Also Called ‘Trojan Horses’?

At the debate, Trump called Syrian refugees the ‘greatest Trojan Horse of all time.’ Jews know a little something about that line.


No One Has More Respect For Women Than Donald Trump — Except If They’re ‘Nasty’

The third presidential debate had long since reached the point where it didn’t seem anything would have the power to, as Trump would put it, “surprise.”


A Clinton Backer and Trump Fan Face Off at an Israel Debate Watch Party For 2

In the United States, one would be hard pressed to find Trump and Clinton supporters at the same debate watch party, let alone in the same room. But in a Jerusalem apartment, two political rivals watched the candidates face off over bowls of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

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