Chicago Jews for Trump Hold Forth in Deep Blue Illinois — Softly

Even in a normal election year, the Windy City is a tough town for a Republican. But in 2016 it’s even harder to be a Donald Trump supporter. This is, after all, President Barack Obama’s hometown. It’s also a Democratic stronghold built up by two Mayor Daley’s in an uncontested state that is reliably deep blue.

Suspected Palestinian Stone-Thrower Shot Dead by Israeli Troops

Israeli troops on Thursday shot dead a Palestinian whom they suspected had thrown rocks at them as they patrolled a main West Bank road, the military said.

Our Favorite GIF’s From the New National Archives Collection — Featuring Bugs Bunny and Albert Einstein

The U.S. National Archives has a brand new GIF channel. Bugs Bunny and Albert Einstein are among some of our favorites from the collection.

Links For Later

Links to some stories that at least one Jewish woman thought seemed enticing.

Ancient Jerusalem Wall Tells Tale of Doomed Jewish Revolt — and Destruction of Second Temple

Just prior to quelling the great Jewish revolt in the year 70 C.E., the army of Roman Emperor Titus was faced with a rebelling in Jerusalem and had to break through three walls that surrounded the city. As described by historian Flavius Josephus, the final battle against the Jewish rebels began with the Romans firing stones from ballistae — catapults used to hurl large projectiles — along with spears and gravel, at the defenders of the outer, third wall.

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