Jewish Comfort Food: Farfel and Lima Beans

Fay Bialowas explains how the farfel was once made from scratch, and then we show you how to prepare it with onions and lima beans.

Want To Know Where Yiddish Is Going? Ask Directions In Israel

A young man spontaneously addresses Tel Aviv merchants and passers-by in Yiddish, and is surprised by their reactions.

India, A Little-Known Wartime Refuge for German-Speaking Jews

Few people know that German-speaking Jews found safe haven in India during WWII and played a prominent role in society there.

EXCLUSIVE: Did Writer Sholem Asch Reject His Orphaned Nephews?

In a 1945 letter, his wife writes that they simply couldn’t take care of his brother’s children who had just survived the Holocaust.


Celebrating 120 Years of the Forverts: Jewish Housewives Urged To Buy Long Island Ducks

In 1925, Jewish housewives were being urged to buy Chinese ducks from Long Island because of their succulent fatty flesh.

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