Insightful Biography of Hebrew Poet H. N. Bialik Misses Key Element

The book covers the poet’s Hebrew work and complex personality, but not his Yiddish poems which reveal a different side to his personality.

VIDEO: A Yiddish Newsroom During the Eventful Summer of ‘76

A portrait of the late editor-in-chief of the Yiddish Forward, Simon Weber, and the news writers during the summer of the Entebbe Operation.

How Tasting Bacon On Pizza Changed This Ex-Hasid For Life

Although she had left the Hasidic community years before, breaking Jewish law could still consume her with guilt.

Inside The Haunting, Erotic Yiddish Poetry of Celia Dropkin

Celia Dropkin stunned the New York’s Yiddish literary world in the 1920’s.

How to Find Jewish Values … In Berlin!

Historian Jonathan Schorsch launches an initiative in the German capital that promotes political activism based on traditional Jewish texts.

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