Why We Celebrate English-Speaking Day

When I got married, I decided to speak Yiddish to my children, and not just any Yiddish, but my husband’s “haimish Yiddish”; in other words – Hasidic Yiddish.

If It’s Too Embarrassing In Yiddish, Say It In Hebrew!

Yiddish has many synonyms for so-called dirty words. They are called grob (uncouth), mies (ugly), maybe even shmutsik (dirty). But Yiddish curses are far different from English ones, because they generally don’t include foul language.

The ‘Turncoats’ Of Wojslawice — And What They Say About Us

The Jews of Uchanie, my father’s shtetl in Lublin province, used to say about the Jews of Wojslawice just down the road, that they were meshumodim. Turncoats. What worse epithet could you hurl at a fellow Jew?

The Holocaust Memoir I Didn’t Help Write — And Wish I Had

I borrowed the book from my parents, stashed it into my laptop case and begrudgingly cracked it open over Greenland. I couldn’t put it down.

‘The Best Hope For Yiddish is in Israel:’ An Interview With Scholar Avrom Nowerstern

“Unfortunately, we find ourselves in a time where writing in Yiddish is utopian.”

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