Yankel and Leah 4: Observing the NYC Skyline – And Her

He tried not to study her so he did so from the side, when she wasn’t watching.

The Israeli Embassy in Poland Can Do More to Win Friends For Israel

When a Polish bishop movingly asks the Jews for forgiveness at a Holocaust commemoration, it’s crucial that the Israeli ambassador be there.


What Did Poor Jews in the Shtetl Eat?

Jewish villagers may have gone hungry during the week but the community always provided them with at least fish and challah for shabbos.

Video: Abraham Sutzkever on Poetry and Battling the Nazis

The poet explains how writing in the ghetto and forests helped him overcome the psychological toll that the invading Germans had taken on him.

Three Cities of Yiddish: St. Petersburg—Warsaw—Moscow

Review: This new volume of essays includes analyses of a fascinating travelogue by the Soviet-Yiddish writer, Der Nister

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