Yankel and Leah (Chapter 3): Learning Torah is Easier Than Dating

Yankel found women inscrutable, yet hated himself for caring so much what was on their minds.

VIDEO: Watch Us Make Roast Chicken And Pilaf With Noodles For Shabbos

Learn this easy way to make delicious roast chicken and pick up some Yiddish by watching our cooking show “Eat in Good Health.”

The Fantasy Writer, Der Nister, and His Ambivalence Towards Zionism

The memoirs of the Ukrainian author Yuri Smolich reveal interesting aspects of the Soviet Yiddish writer’s personality and ideology.

Celebrate The Fourth Of July With These Stunning Yiddish Covers Of American Classics

“America the Beautiful” is just as moving in Yiddish as the original.

Yankel and Leah (Chapter 2): Awkward First Date

Leah offers to clean the windshield wipers but how would it look having his date doing roadside assistance for him?

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