Meet the Orthodox Star of Oscar-Nominated ‘Son of Saul’

In ‘Son of Saul,’ which has nabbed an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Language Film, Geza Rohrig plays a member of the Sonderkommando. The Orthodox actor talks about his encounter with one of the last remaining members of those units in the Nazi death camps.


How Ziggy Gruber Became a ‘Deli Man’

Ziggy Gruber is the star of the new documentary ‘Deli Man.’ He talked to the Forward about growing up in the industry, and why he came back to it as a professional chef.

Jan Karski’s Relatives Angry at ‘Snub’ by Polish Jewish Museum

Iconic Polish resistance leader Jan Karski is honored at the just-opened Jewish history museum in Warsaw. So why do his relatives accuse the museum of snubbing them?


Why Rabbi Ysoscher Katz Left Satmars for Progressive Start-Up Synagogue

Rabbi Ysoscher Katz grew up among the ultra-Orthodox Satmar Jews. He now serves as a leader of a progressive synagogue that allows women to lead some prayers.


The Last Living Yiddish Speaker in Lviv

Boris Dorfman is known as the last surviving Yiddish speaker in the Ukrainian city of Lviv. His tenacious story of survival comes to life in a new documentary, ‘A Mentsh.’

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