Celebrating 120 Years of the Forverts: Jewish Housewives Urged To Buy Long Island Ducks

In 1925, Jewish housewives were being urged to buy Chinese ducks from Long Island because of their succulent fatty flesh.

Learn To Be A Yiddish ‘Jester,’ In Germany

Mendy Cahan will teach a unique course in Germany which will impart the key elements of Badkhones.

Treasures From the Forverts’ Archive - Chapter #2. The Forward Building

How was the historic Forward Building built?

Why We Celebrate English-Speaking Day

When I got married, I decided to speak Yiddish to my children, and not just any Yiddish, but my husband’s “haimish Yiddish”; in other words – Hasidic Yiddish.

If It’s Too Embarrassing In Yiddish, Say It In Hebrew!

Yiddish has many synonyms for so-called dirty words. They are called grob (uncouth), mies (ugly), maybe even shmutsik (dirty). But Yiddish curses are far different from English ones, because they generally don’t include foul language.

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