Don’t Buy the Junk Science That Says Yiddish Originated in Turkey

Despite what Dr. Eran Elhaik claims, four villages in ancient Turkey that once had names similar to ‘Ashkenaz’ are not the cradle of the Yiddish language, Jordan Kutzik argues.


Remembering Archivist and Warsaw Ghetto Survivor Rose Klepfisz

The archivist Rose Klepfisz died in her apartment in the Bronx on March 23rd at the age of 102. She is survived by her daughter, Irena Klepfisz, a writer and professor at Barnard College, as well as by relatives in Australia and admirers in Bundist circles and in the field of Jewish Studies around the world. She is predeceased by her husband Michal Klepfisz, who died fighting in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

Family, Faith, Food and Other Keys to Becoming the World’s Oldest Man

Yisrael Kristal has been officially certified as the world’s oldest man. The Forward talked with one of Yisrael’s sons about the keys to reaching the age of 112.

Listen to a Forgotten and Revealing Interview With Golda Meir

“Some people remember Golda Meir’s leadership and wonder what is taking us so long in America?” Hillary Rodham Clinton recently said. With that in mind, we look back at a forgotten Forward interview with Prime Minister Meir that took was broadcast on WEVD in 1971.


How Aaron Frank Became the Unlikely Orthodox Head of Secular Day School

In 1996, Asher Abramovitz, the longtime principal of Kinneret Day School, a non-denominational community school in Riverdale, New York, received an unusual proposition: Aaron Frank, the 27 year-old assistant rabbi of a local Orthodox synagogue, offered to meet weekly with the school’s mostly non-observant eighth graders to chat about Jewish ethics and philosophy, a sort of Judaism 101.

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