Celebrate The Fourth Of July With These Stunning Yiddish Covers Of American Classics

“America the Beautiful” is just as moving in Yiddish as the original.

Yankel and Leah (Chapter 2): Awkward First Date

Leah offers to clean the windshield wipers but how would it look having his date doing roadside assistance for him?

Gella Fishman Made Sure That Yiddish Wasn’t Shoved Aside

Today, every social movement has people advocating for them; who will advocate for Yiddish now that Gella is gone?

Jewish Converts in the Russian Empire

During the nineteenth century, romance and spiritual quests convinced a surprising number of Russian Jews to embrace Christianity.

Yiddish Summer Weimar Will Highlight the Cultures of Israel

This year the theme of the annual festival, Yiddish Summer Weimar, will be “The Other Israel: Seeing Unseen Diasporas.” Besides its usual programming the five-week celebration of Ashkenazi culture will also include a series of concerts and workshops dedicated to the various cultures of Israel and the interplay among them.

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