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What Is The Israeli-American Council?

It was founded to give a voice to Israeli-Americans - but has major funder Sheldon Adelson moved it in a right-wing direction?


The Jewish Geography Of The 2020 Golden Globe Nominees

We’re not content to tell you which nominees are Jewish. We want to let you know just how they’re all connected.


Leonard Cohen’s Last Words Summon The Spirit Of The Poet

Cohen had been riffing on death and resurrection for decades and always kept an open mind.


An Unexpected Hasidic Pop Star Takes The Stage

Before he was a household name, Shulem was the youngest of a Brooklyn Belz Hasidic household steeped in music.


Progressives Need To Face The Truth: Jeremy Corbyn’s Record On Anti-Semitism Is Bad.

Why hasn’t Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s bigotry haven’t aroused as much furor as Jeremy Corbyn’s?


Thank You, Tiffany Haddish, For Reminding Us How Precious Our Heritage Is

Tiffany Haddish’s Bat Mitzvah shows us how to revel in the discovery of something many of us Jews have had for a very long time.

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Man Injured In Poway Synagogue Shooting Sues Chabad Over Lax Security

The lawsuit alleges that the synagogue did not use a $150,000 government grant to upgrade security.

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Over 30 West Virginia Prison Guard Trainees Suspended Over Nazi Salute Photo

Faith and community leaders were informed of the incident and were asked for their help to address it.

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Biden Says Sanders’s Plan To Withdraw Aid To Israel Is ‘Bizarre’

The former vice president, campaigning in Iowa, calls the plan to pressure Israel over its treatment of the Palestinians “bizarre.”


Trump Is Right: I Don’t Love Israel Enough To Enable His Bigotry

I love Israel enough to despise President Trump and Trumpism.

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Florida Naval Station Shooter Called U.S. ‘Evil’ For Supporting Israel

Ahmed Mohammed al-Shamrani hosted a dinner party earlier in the week where he and three other students watched videos of mass shootings.

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Sanders Staffer Leaves Campaign Over Anti-Semitic, Homophobic Tweets

“Working hard so one day I can make that Jew Money,” Darius Khalil Gordon once tweeted.