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Auschwitz Museum To Visitors: Stop Using Train Tracks For Instagram Photo Opps

Auschwitz train tracks are not a ‘balance beam,’ the memorial reminds visitors.


What On Earth Is An ‘Amalek Kugel’?

Leave it to Jews to try to eat their enemies.


The Purim Story Is All About Jews Being Charged With Dual Loyalty

Haman was the first to cry “dual loyalty” against the Jews.


Inspiring Women | Creating Cross-Cultural Community

Varda Gil’s work in several projects, particularly the Adis Playback Theater Group, helps bring Israeli women of different backgrounds together.

Fast Forward

Ari Fleischer Slammed On Twitter For Defense Of Iraq War

“Follow along as Ari Fleischer refuses to lay any blame for the monumental policy blunder of invading Iraq on the GWB WH.”

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New York Food Store Employee Fired After Pretending Cooler Was A Gas Chamber

The worker turned the light off in the produce cooler and told another employee, “You’re in the gas chamber,” then called her a “f**king Jew.”


Who To Read For Women’s History Month, Part Three: Fran Ross

In 2019, the ferociously blended black and Jewish identity to which Fran Ross gave voice remains as boundary-breaking as ever.


New Law Opens Door To Sex Abuse Lawsuits, Starting With Alleged Victims At Y.U.

Victims of alleged abuse at Y.U.’s high school filed one of the first motions in an expected tidal wave of litigation under the Child Victims Act.


Why We Don’t Talk About Jewish Poverty — And Why We Should

“There is a perception that Jewish poverty is an oxymoron. There is a tremendous sense of denial about how many Jews truly need help.”


Are Off-The-Rack Purim Costumes Not Eco-Friendly?

It’s time to go back to DIY, people.

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Former AIPAC Officials Launch Bipartisan Political Action Committee

The PAC is being unveiled after a series of battles among Democrats over support for Israel, the party’s relationship with AIPAC and whether some