The Secret Jewish History Of Robin Hood

The wicked Sheriff of Nottingham bore a grudge against Jews owing to a debt he carried with a Jewish moneylender.

How A Jewish Kid From The Upper West Side Became The World’s Best Banjoist

“Why do I play the banjo? There’s no sense to it.”

What Really Happened With Jason Blum’s Israel Film Festival Anti-Trump Speech?

“You are going to have to drag me off the stage,” Blum said.

Telling Blaze Bernstein’s Story On ‘48 Hours’ — Just Days After Pittsburgh

November 10, Bernstein’s story will be the subject of a “48 Hours” episode which will include the first primetime TV interview with his parents.

Pittsburgh’s Other First Jewish Mayor Wasn’t Named Sophie

Samuel Pettigrew, the city’s seventh mayor whose tenure ran from 1832 to 1836 had a Jewish mother.

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