WATCH: Conan O’Brien And An Orthodox Jew Light A Vape Pen Menorah

Hanukkah is all about lighting up.

The Great Hanukkah Debates: Do Latkes Go Best With Applesauce Or Sour Cream?

Do crispy, hot, delicious latkes go best with apple sauce, sour cream, or by themselves?

‘Hitler’ Accusation Angers The Real Housewives Of New Jersey

This story will get you rooting for a person named Siggy Flicker

How A Homely Jewish Tailor’s Daughter Became Hollywood’s First Seductress

Theda Bara, a Jewish tailor’s daughter from Ohio, became Hollywood’s first “vamp” despite having “a bulbous nose, an overbite and a definite squint.”


Israel Takes Doughnut Decoration To Dizzying New Heights

Just before Hanukkah each year, doughnut collections are released in Israel as if they were haute couture Parisienne fashion. The humble Israeli jelly-filled doughnut dusted with powdered sugar has evolved over the last decade or two into doughnuts with show-stopping glazes, decorations, and gimmicks — and palate-tantalizing flavors.

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