How Nathan Glazer Dared To Change His Mind (And Ours)

Unlike many of his colleagues in academia and journalism, Nathan Glazer, who has died at 95, never allowed his opinions to fossilize.

Mourning Mary Oliver, America’s Spiritual Conscience

Oliver became the voice of something essential and unsung about the country.

A Very Yiddish Way To Respond To Brexit

As Brexit descends into no-one-knows-what’s-happening mode, Twitter is lighting up with Yiddish explanations for British politics.

Where Did The Myth Of ‘Jewish Success’ Come From Anyway?

Zionists used to care about everyone’s liberation, not just our own; and leftists used to admit that Jews are distinctive.

When Even A Boy Einstein Doesn’t Have ‘All The Answers’

“All the Answers” is weightless; we feel the time and the place but not the research that went into its creation.

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