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Eat, Drink + Think

How to make Southern buttermilk biscuits

How to make Southern buttermilk biscuits

Monolith discovered in Utah wilderness has strong ‘2001’ energy

Its origins remain a mystery, just how Kubrick would like it.

Biden’s Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s zeyde was noted Yiddish writer

Meyer Blinken wrote about the insidious effects of poverty and was one of the few male Yiddish writers to ever write about women’s sexuality.


A new box set of Yiddish films arrives - but only on Blu-Ray

“The Jewish Soul: Classics of Yiddish Cinema” features 10 restored and retitled films — but only on a Blu-Ray format.

Why Bob Dylan preferred I.B. Singer over Jack Kerouac

“Isaac Singer, he wrote a story called ‘The Slave,’” Dylan said. “It must have stayed in my head for months afterwards.”

What Antony Blinken’s band says about how he’ll lead as Secretary of State

ABlinken speaks to Tony Blinken’s diplomatic style. It’s a shame about the songs themselves.

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