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For Jewish Environmentalists, Goat Meat Is The Answer To Sustainability

In the wake of a terrifying UN climate report, which announced that mankind has twelve years to wean itself off its fossil fuel guzzling, steak swilling, energy-overusing ways, people are looking about for any way to save our thoroughly rattled planet. One solution? Goat meat.

Miznon Chef Eyal Shani Tapped To Design Menu For Chelsea Music Hall

When Miznon opened at New York’s Chelsea Market last year - to deafening hype - the Forward walked away less than impressed by Chef Eyal Shani’s takes on Israeli street food.

Meet Chef Rossi - One Of The First Chefs To Cater Same-Sex Weddings

Lots of people have just one name. Madonna. Cher. Rossi. Rossi wears many hats, from lesbian to chef to Jewess to anti-microwave activist. Chef Rossi’s story, which is currently being turned into a play based on her 2015 memoir, both called The Raging Skillet, is one that begins with a rebellion against Orthodox parents and ends with Chef Rossi becoming New York’s #1 self-named punk-rock caterer.

‘Eatwith’: The Airbnb For Dining While Traveling

When people travel, they often do it in a bubble of airport-hotel-well reviewed restaurant-hotel-airport. Travelers visit foreign countries without talking or eating with any of the locals there.

The Secrets of Reserve Cut’s Albert Allaham

Albert Allaham spends some days in a well-tailored suit and some days getting his hands bloody, slaughtering the animals that will become a dinner at his luxe kosher restaurant Reserve Cut. And he’s not the first of the Allahams to do this — he’s from a long line of Syrian butchers going back 200 years, and his last name means “butcher” in Arabic.

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