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Eat, Drink & Think your way to the people, places, products and ideas that matter in the world of Jewish food. This is your daily destination for recipes, techniques, tips and trends, plus restaurant news, holiday menus and creative culinary ideas — all through a Jewish lens. From the classic to the iconoclastic; from traditional to modern, this is the place for the food forward to find out what’s relevant and delicious across the Jewish culinary landscape.

Recent Posts:

Does Keeping Kosher Mean Having Less Sex?

The grass always seems greener on the other side, doesn’t it? Especially for a particular segment of neurotic, anxious Jews with an abundance of hang ups about sex.

New York Schools Are Finally Starting To Offer Kosher And Halal Meals

As the New York City fiscal budget for 2019 begins to take shape, city officials are taking the opportunity to push new initiatives. With 38% of today’s New York public school students Jewish and Muslim, and growing rapidly, new measures are needed to suit their dietary restrictions.

Kish-Kash, Einat Admony’s Newest Venture, Finally Opens

So much hype has trailed Kish-Kash - starting with a New York Times preview back in April 2017 - you might think the restaurant opened months ago.

Why Food Preserving Is The New Hot Jewish Thing

Judaism is all about preservation, both literally and figuratively. There’s a reason why some Jewish traditions haven’t been swept away by the tide of history - it’s because there were some dedicated preservationists out there making sure their way of life wasn’t forgotten.

Why ‘Ladies’ Cocktails’ Are Sexist — And What We Should Drink Instead

What does the liquor industry think women like to drink? Is it “vodka that tastes like cupcakes, whiskey that tastes like cinnamon, or some “skinny-ized” variation of an otherwise classic drink” as Misty Kalkofen and Kirsten Amann write in their new book “Drinking Like Ladies”? What do women actually like to drink? Equally importantly, what would the legendary women who came before us have drunk and how can we have whatever they’re having?

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