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What Does Natalie Portman’s Rejection Of Israel Mean For Israeli Sustainability?

To a casual observer, Natalie Portman’s abdication from her position of prominent, staunch celebrity Israel supporter might seem shocking. To a more refined class of salariat types (like me, kind of) this position is nothing more than Miss Natalie expressing what she has always believed: that while she is a fan of vegan hummus and the Hilton beach, she cannot stand behind Netanyahu’s more ethically ambiguous political stances. You do you, Miss Natalie.

Natalie Portman Inspires Vegan Recipes

When Jonathan Safran Foer published “Eating Animals,” the anti-factory-farming and food-ethics manifesto, it inspired many people to adopt a vegan diet. One of them was Natalie Portman, who took her inspiration one step further: The A-list actress turned the book into a movie. “Eating Animals,” the documentary that she produced and narrated, debuted earlier this month at the Telluride Film Festival in Colorado, receiving a standing ovation.

Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants — Courtesy Of A Very Jewish Foodie

It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it. For four years, Toronto-based journalist Jacob Richler’s edited Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants, an annual ranking of fine-dining establishments across the Great White North. To much hoopla, Richler released this year’s list last week.

Why You Must Try Glamping ASAP, According to Emma Frisch

Humans want two contradictory things at the same time, to feel safe and pursue grand adventure and excitement. Which is why glamping, a portmanteau of glamour and camping, the process of being not too far from civilization but far enough, satisfies both simultaneous needs.

Sodastream Celebrates Israel’s 70th Birthday In A Bizarre Way

In honor of Israel’s Independence Day, Sodastream has released a video in which a giant Sodastream bottle stands tall, gleaming and erect in a cityscape. Koalas cling to monster-size bottles of Sodastream. The Statue of Liberty proudly holds a Sodastream Sodastream in the air, trumpeting its presence as the new symbol of freedom. Sodastream bottles hold up the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, their caps practically touching the sky, symbolizing the infinite potential a bottle of Sodastream has to invigorate, rebuild and refuel. All the while, an Israeli gentlemen croons in Hebrew in the background.

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