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What On Earth Is An ‘Amalek Kugel’?

This article originally appeared in the Yiddish Forverts.

Recipe: The Ultimate Hamantaschen — With Three Different Fillings

There’s a reason hamantaschen recipes stress the importance of working with well-chilled dough. The cookies I made last––rolling out a ball of the dough from leftover scraps without giving it enough time to chill in the fridge––didn’t hold their shape in the oven and caused the filling to leak out a little.

Recipe: A Not-So-Old-Fashioned Cocktail For Purim

Traditionally, an Old Fashioned is made by muddling a sugar cube with bitters before adding the shaken liquor. Here, we substitute honey simple syrup, made by combining one part honey (instead of the more typical sugar) and one part water, and simmering until honey thins completely. (Chill before using.)

This Purim, Try Apricot-Spiked Cocktails With Apricot-Filled Hamantaschen

Eat cookies. Wear costumes. Carouse until there’s no telling the difference between “blessed is Mordechai” and “cursed is Haman.” Give gifts of food and drink to friends, and money to the needy.

How Martha Rosler’s Attack On ‘The Woman In The Kitchen’ Made Men Angry

The year is 1975. A woman named Martha Rosler stands in a kitchen surrounded by gadgets, picking up each of them and naming them alphabetically with precise, controlled, angry movements. It’s an indictment of a certain kind of cooking demonstration, performed by the likes of Julia Child, and an indictment of a certain kind of women, the kind comfortable in a kitchen and pleased with her panoply of accessories.

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