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#50, overall score 61.58/100

Fun Fact:

More than 800 languages are spoken in Queens, more than anywhere else in the world, according to the Endangered Language Alliance.

Why should Jewish students attend Queens College? “Queens College is regularly recognized for being the ‘best bang for the buck’ in the United States. Available at a fraction of the cost of private colleges and universities, Queens College offers a robust Jewish community with unparalleled Jewish infrastructure, a Jewish-friendly academic calendar, and ready access to kosher food. Queens College Hillel was recently recognized with Hillel International’s Outstanding Campus Award, and serves over 1,200 students each year from all over the world including Bukharian, Persian, other Sephardic and Mizrahi students, and students from Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, and virtually all other Jewish backgrounds. Any student looking for a strong and diverse Jewish community at a highly-rated college available at a fraction of the cost of other higher education options should strongly consider Queens College.” — Uri Cohen, executive director, Queens College Hillel

“Chabad on Campus of Queens was founded in 2004, and serves the student and alumni Jewish population. Chabad offers Torah classes and one-on-one study for all levels; the Rabbi and Rebbetzin have over 30 years of combined teaching experience. Chabad runs the ARI Seminar, a winter break Torah program geared for students with a day school background. Shabbat meals for students are free of charge and take place every week during the semester. Holiday and social events, txt4soup, leadership and volunteer opportunities round out their offerings.” — Rabbi Shaul Wertheimer, Chabad On Campus - Queens


  • Location: New York, N.Y.
  • Region: Mid-Atlantic
  • Campus type: Big city
  • Public/Private: Public
  • Undergraduate enrollment: 16,326
  • Jewish undergraduate enrollment: 1,000
  • Jewish population share: 6%
  • Student origin: 99% in-state / 1% out-of-state
  • Student newspaper: The Knight News
  • NCAA Division: II
  • NCAA team: Knights

What Students Say:

“I wish there were more events on my campus outside of free hour (the hour during lunch when no one has class). It would be great to have a group of students at event who want to be there for more reason than free food.”… “Since Queens is a commuter school, there is not a lot going on after 4:00 pm.”

COST & AID Score: 7.5/15

  • Score: 7.5/15
  • In-state tuition: $6,938
  • Out-of-state tuition: $17,408
  • Room & board costs: $15,188
  • Average annual scholarship/grant package: $8,631
  • Starting median salary: $48,700
  • Scholarship for Jewish students: No

ACADEMICS Score: 5/20

  • Score: 5/20
  • Acceptance rate: 41%
  • Student/faculty ratio: 14:1
  • Median SAT range: 1060-1220
  • Jewish Studies program: Yes
  • Jewish Studies major: Yes
  • Hebrew major: Yes

What Students Say:

“I think there’s a diverse group of people within Queens College. There are students born in different places around the world, students of different religions, students with different beliefs on politics, and we all sit in one classroom and enjoy each others’ company.”… “Queens College can improve by learning from one another and accepting everyone.”

ISRAEL Score: 15/20

SAFETY Score: 10/11

  • Score: 10/11
  • Anti-Semitic incidents in 2017: 0
  • Campus crime rate: 0.71/1,000 students (/low)
  • City crime rate: 20.36/1,000 people (low)
  • LGBT center: No

JEWISH LIFE Score: 24.08/34

  • Score: 24.08/34
  • Hillel: Queens College Hillel
  • Chabad: Chabad On Campus Of Queens
  • OU-JLIC: Yes
  • Jewish fraternities: AEPi
  • Jewish sororities: SDT
  • Jewish a capella group: Tizmoret
  • Can you get kosher food on the school meal plan? Yes
  • Chicken soup hotline: No
  • Active Hillel clubs: 12
  • Hillel Friday night services: 2
  • Average Shabbat attendance – Hillel: 100
  • Synagogues within 10 miles: 131 (77 Orthodox, 30 Conservative, 24 Reform)
  • Eruv: Yes
  • Most famous Jewish alum: Paul Simon
  • Most unique/noteworthy club: Queens has a Bukharian Club that is unique, huge, and helping this historic Jewish community survive in 21st century America.
  • Where do Jewish students come from? Most students are from New York and New Jersey.
  • Kosher food details: Kosher food is very accessible. There is a kosher dairy food service location (under the Va’ad Harabonim of Queens) on campus, and campus is a 10 minute walk from one of the premier kosher food areas in all of New York, Kew Gardens Hills.

What Students Say:

“The best thing about my community is the people. Everyone is always open to talking, and many are even interested in learning about traditions that were not necessarily in their culture.”… “There should be an effort to incorporate more pluralism in Jewish club life…Unlike many non-denominational college campuses, a large group of students on campus were raised in traditional Orthodox Jewish homes.”… “I think the enthusiasm the community has about Judaism is unique in itself. Most everyone was excited to celebrate the Jewish holidays this year, and we have a lot of people who are interested in learning more about Judaism than they’ve known before.”

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