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#135, overall score 44.17/100

Fun Fact:

Every fall on “Mountain Day,” the college president surprises students by cancelling classes, freeing students to hold outdoor activities like picnics or hiking.


  • Location: Northampton, Mass.
  • Region: New England
  • Campus type: College town
  • Public/Private: Private
  • Liberal Arts: Yes
  • Undergraduate enrollment: 2,514
  • Student origin: 21% in-state / 79% out-of-state
  • Student newspaper: The Sophian
  • NCAA Division: III
  • Ultimate Frisbee teams: Luna Disc

COST & AID Score: 4/15

  • Score: 4/15
  • Tuition: $50,044
  • Room & board costs: $16,730
  • Average annual scholarship/grant package: $32,713
  • Average loan debt: $24,501
  • Starting median salary: $48,800

ACADEMICS Score: 16.7/20

  • Score: 16.7/20
  • Acceptance rate: 32%
  • Student/faculty ratio: 9:1
  • Median SAT range: 1290-1490
  • Jewish Studies program: Yes
  • Jewish Studies major: Yes
  • Hebrew major: No

What Students Say:

“Our communal housing system, rich academic opportunities including top-knotch STEM classes, concentrations in subjects like Museum and Translation Studies and study abroad programs make Smith unique.”

ISRAEL Score: 11/20

  • Score: 11/20
  • Israel Studies center: No
  • Israel-related clubs: J Street U
  • BDS vote in last four years: Never proposed

SAFETY Score: 9.33/11

  • Score: 9.33/11
  • Anti-Semitic incidents in 2017: 0
  • Campus crime rate: 6.6/1,000 students (high)
  • City crime rate: 25.6/1,000 people (medium-low)
  • LGBT center: Yes

JEWISH LIFE Score: 3/34

  • Score: 3/34
  • Hillel: No (The Smith College Jewish Community is unaffiliated with Hillel)
  • Chabad: Chabad at the Four Colleges
  • OU-JLIC: No
  • Jewish sororities: No
  • Jewish a capella group: No
  • Synagogues within 10 miles: 3 (1 Orthodox, 1 Conservative, 1 Reform)
  • Eruv: No
  • Most famous Jewish alum: Betty Friedan

What Students Say:

“The Jewish community is close-knit and laid-back. We enjoy just hanging out at our home-cooked Shabbat dinners and also host awesome events including, last semester, a Talmud shabbaton with SVARA and a talk from Rabbi Lila Kagedan, the first female Orthodox rabbi”…“In the name of free speech, our university hosted a panel that included Valerie Plame Wilson, who retweeted an anti-Semitic article in September. The Smith College Jewish Community led some amazing organizing and protesting, and non-Jewish students on campus showed incredible solidarity.”…“We interact with the wonderful Jewish communities at the other four colleges in the area (Mount Holyoke, UMass, Hampshire, and Amherst) and the greater Jewish community in Pioneer Valley, which is committed to Jewish history and books (the Yiddish Book Center and PJ Library are located here) and Jewish food justice and social activism.”

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