Why Splurging On Over-The-Top Bar Mitzvah Sets Your Kid Up For Financial Failure

Instead of splurging on a bar mitzvah — use it as an opportunity to teach your kids financial responsibility.

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An Exclusive Peek Inside Ben Shapiro’s Very Jewish Bookshelf

Vanity Fair featured a lengthy profile of the conservative commentator — and all the Jewish Twitterverse could talk about was his Jewish books.

This $500 Pure Silk Tallit Is Produced In An Italian Village — Alongside Hermes Scarves

Centuries ago, Italian Jews wore silk-only prayer shawls. This business is trying to revive it.

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‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ Originally Featured A Woman Seducing A Man, Too

Watch the original 1949 performance of ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ before you judge the song’s intent.


Borscht Belt Hotel Food Gets Star Turn In ‘Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’

The whole Borscht Belt thrived when it did because of anti-Semitism, because Jews were overtly excluded from American social life.

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