About Mitz-Vote

Mitz-vote is the new go-to source for news and information about Jewish candidates, voters and issues in American politics. Inspired by the plural of mitzvah ? Hebrew for commandment or good deed ? the name embraces both meanings because of the importance Jewish culture places on civic participation in general and voting in particular.

In the spirit of satisfying readers? curiosity about Jewish people and concerns in electoral politics, we offer this digital page of the Forward. We?ll uphold the print edition?s standards for accuracy and fairness while posting daily political buzz and scoops, along with extensive backgrounders on individual races where Jewish candidates, voters or issues play a role.

Mitz-vote joins joins the Forward?s growing family of popular, award-winning blogs on women?s issues, arts, food and more. We welcome tips at mitzvote@forward.com.

So, do a mitzvah and stay tuned to Mitz-vote.

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