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The release of a mentally ill man charged with hate crimes will test controversial new bail law

“This is a sensible resolution that uses the city’s resources in a smart and effective way.”

Israel arrests alleged sex abuser Gershon Kranczer 10 years after he fled there

“The authorities in both the US and Israel have much to answer for, in allowing this case to drag on for so long.”

Moderate Haredi voices challenge extremist war against female images

In the 1950s, a Haredi newspaper often published photos of rabbi’s wives and of girls playing in the streets of Jerusalem.

Florida man who forgave Nazi guard may have invented his Holocaust story

Moshe Peter Loth, who identifies himself as a Holocaust survivor, was born into a Christian German family and was likely never in a Nazi camp.

Israeli Chief Rabbi calls former Soviet immigrants ‘religion-hating gentiles’

Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef accused the state of deliberately inviting Soviet immigrants to Israel to weaken the political power of the haredi Orthodox.

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