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Campaigns begin Jewish outreach in California as primary draws near

Surrogates for Biden, Bloomberg, Buttigieg, Sanders and Steyer will speak at a shul as part of Jewish outreach amid the California Democratic primary.

In this diverse, changing suburb, liberal Jews are struggling to understand their Hasidic neighbors

“It was really hard as a community rabbi to feel like I was a Jew speaking out against what other Jews were doing.”

I got to ask Sanders about being Jewish on CNN, but that won’t decide my vote.

Senator Sanders did a good job sharing some of his personal experiences. He spoke eloquently about the impact of the Holocaust on him and his family.

Jews soften on Sanders after his New Hampshire town hall Holocaust remarks

“That is why I will do everything I can to end the kind of divisiveness that Trump is fomenting in this country. We are one people.”

Bernie Sanders: Being Jewish is one of top things that shaped my worldview

Sanders recalled tears rolling down his cheeks as a child as he learned the fate of the Jews in Nazi Europe.

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