5 Important Essays on Elie Wiesel’s Legacy

Last week the world lost Elie Wiesel, a powerful voice of the Holocaust experience and a man honored by many as one of the world’s moral authorities. At the same time, towards the end of his life Wiesel drew criticism for his refusal to condemn Israel’s policies in the West Bank and Gaza.

Going #OffTheDerech to Escape the Past and Be Accepted

Chaim Levin had just turned eighteen, and he was gay. He knew it, but he didn’t want it to be true. Gayness, in his world, meant drug addiction. It meant alcoholism. It meant an unhappy life and an early death. It meant that he could never be like his older siblings, who had fulfilling family lives, and were respected members of their Chabad community in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.


Leaving the Straight and Narrow ‘Derech’

A new report finds that Jews who leave Orthodox Judaism retain their Jewish identities, despite feeling pushed out of Orthodoxy.

Women-Only Swimming Gets Green Light in Hasidic Brooklyn

Despite complaints from civil libertarians and the New York Times editorial board, women-only swimming hours intended for Hasidic Jews will continue at a public swimming pool in Brooklyn.


Max Blumenthal Slams Elie Wiesel Hours After Death — Draws Rebuke From Hillary Clinton

The Hillary Clinton campaign publicly condemned Max Blumenthal, journalist and son of one her close advisers, after he criticized the Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel, who died last week.

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