Bernie Sanders Inspires Debate for Democrats on Israel — But Not Change

Bernie Sanders’s representative Cornel West induced an Israel debate among Democrats, but changes to the party platform are unlikely.


At Graduation Party, Dutch Teens Sing About Burning Jews

Dutch Chief Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs called on authorities to identify and punish high school pupils who during their graduation ceremony sang about burning Jews.


Banker With Jewish Roots Wins Peru’s Presidential Race

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, a Peruvian banker and former prime minister whose father was Jewish, was elected as Peru’s president. Kuczynski won a bare majority of votes — 50.12 percent — over Keiko Fujimori, Peru’s national election office announced on its official Twitter page Thursday evening.

At Funeral, Tel Aviv Terror Victim’s Father Slams Government Response

The father of one of the victims of Wednesday’s terror attack at a Tel Aviv shopping center criticized the Israeli government for not doing enough to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Israel Has Its Own Donald Trump, Cornel West Warns at Platform Committee Meeting

Cornel West asked why American Democrats give Trump-like figures such as Avigdor Lieberman a pass while testifying at the Democratic National Committee’s foreign policy hearing.

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