What Kind of State?

After reading Jay Michaelson’s recent column, it appears to me that he has made an argument, correctly, against the creation of a Palestinian state. First, what kind of a state would the international community create? Would the Palestinian Authority and the new state be subject to international meddling in the state’s governance of its territory and people? Is the new state capable of governing? Second, will the new state of Palestine be a member of the international community, one with laws and customs that are nondiscriminatory to others whose beliefs differ from theirs? Or will we create a state of civil war and a hotbed for terrorist training, which will impact the entire international community?

Michaelson argues that the new state would not legitimize Hamas, but would it not be reasonable to expect Hamas to participate in the newly formed government of the state of Palestine? And what of the rockets fired at Israel, or the terrorist tunnels? It is kind of Michaelson to grant Israel the right to protect itself from such incursions. I would expect a new state to be friendly to its neighbor, but he clearly implies that these issues will not be resolved by the creation of a Palestinian state. Therefore, it appears to me that before statehood is granted to any nation, they must prove their worthiness as a member of the international community. At some time in the future, I may agree with his opinion on the creation of a Palestinian state, but now is not the time. An infant must crawl before he can walk, and a child must walk before he can run.

Jacob Guz

New York

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What Kind of State?

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