Denying Jews The Right To A State Is Anti-Semitic. So Why Is It Ok To Deny Palestinians?

Why is it that politicians who deny Palestinians’ right to a state aren’t punished while those claiming Israel shouldn’t exist are anti-Semitic?


Ilhan Omar Should Lead The Fight Against Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia

Because of her Muslim identity, and her admitting to her own stumbles with anti-Semitism, Rep. Omar is the perfect person to lead this fight.


Ilhan Omar Can Fix This. Here’s How.

The comments earned Omar censure from her fellow House Democrats for evoking anti-Semitic clichés.

Ilhan Omar’s Words Hurt. But We Can’t Let Our Pain Be Weaponized Against Her.

I understand the hurt Jews are feeling because of Omar’s statements. I feel it too. But, as frustrating as it may be, we have to put them in context

Our Obsession With The Holocaust Made Us Blind To American Anti-Semitism

Have American Jews been blind to anti-Semitism because it didn’t fit our own experiences? It’s possible that America isn’t what we thought it was.

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