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American Jewish Identity Is Now Expressed Through Opposing Israel - And Vice Versa

Jews in Israel and US need to work open themselves to one another’s worlds.


Have Your Say | Is It Ever Okay To Pose With Holocaust Memorials?

Poll: Is It Ever Okay To Pose With Holocaust Memorials?

Being Mixed Race And Jewish Means Constantly Being Asked To Choose

People often pressure me to choose which group I belong to, as if I can simply deny being part of the other.

In An Era With Two Jewish Centers, We Need A New Zionism

Jews in Israel and the diaspora share each other’s hopes and feel each other’s pain. The new Zionism celebrates that oneness.


I’m An Orthodox Jew. Why Is Bernie Sanders Whitewashing Violence Against Us?

The biggest tell is that Sanders never really gets around to telling us how he would or should “fight anti-Semitism.”

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