A New Lens On My Jewishness, In The Form Of A Genetic Disease

Jane Eisner, the Forward’s editor-in-chief, discusses her recently discovered genetic disease — Factor XI deficiency — and her Jewish heritage.

Actually, Blaming The Jews Is Bad, And So Is Putin For Doing It

Blaming the Jews is an old-school rhetorical move. It’s also, dispiritingly often, quite effective.


What Black People Hear When You Demand That They Denounce Louis Farrakhan

When the Black community hears the demand that Tamika denounce Farrakhan, what we see is the desire to destroy a Black woman.


Alan Dershowitz: My Take On Al Jazeera’s Israel Lobby Documentary

It is not censorship for a network to demand that before a film is telecast, it must meet acceptable journalistic standards.


No, Putin Is Not An Anti-Semite

There are many good reasons to be concerned about Putin, but his feelings toward Jews are most likely not among them.

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