I Told Jews To Think About What Being ‘White’ Means. Then The Racism Exploded.

After I published my piece asking white Jews to please stop using “white-passing,” I dealt with an enormous amount of racist backlash.


Do We Have A Moral Obligation To Break Bread With Trump Supporters?

Engaging with those who support the Trump administration’s policies is a tricky, but necessary, process.


Shocking New Definition Of Anti-Semitism Betrays Jews

Corbyn’s Labour Party has adopted a new definition of anti-Semitism — disturbing not anti-Semites, but British Jews.


I Don’t Believe Barry Freundel — Or Ari Shavit Either

The new interview is galling. It’s full of self-justifications and jargon meant to impress young women


Ari Shavit, Go Away and Don’t Come Back

Holding a role as a celebrity expert is a privilege, not a right.

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