Guess What? Israel Doesn’t Care What American Jews Think.

This week exposed an uncomfortable truth that American Jews are just now beginning to wrestle with: Israel doesn’t care about American Jews.


Trump Has Freed Progressive Democratic Senators To Finally Criticize Israel

Sanders, Warren and 11 other senators signed a letter urging Trump “to do more to alleviate the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip.”


The Gaza Protest Is About Ending Israel

Is the Arab and Islamic world, and the Palestinians among them, ready to acknowledge that the Jewish people have the right to self-determination?


Intersectionality Has Abandoned Jews. Should We Abandon Intersectionality?

If I am under threat for being a Jew, so is every American. But most importantly, if my Black sister is not free, neither am I.


Israel’s Choice To Shoot Palestinians Should Horrify — But Not Surprise Us

Many are asking what Israel should do instead of shooting Palestinians. It’s the wrong question.

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