Don’t Believe The Hype. 2020 Won’t Be About Israel.

There’s a narrative emerging on the left that’s surprising only because it’s so commonplace on the right: the Democratic Party is abandoning Israel.


I’m A Settler Who Opposes The Security Barrier - And The New ‘Apartheid Road’

The barrier should come down not because it separates Arabs and Jews, but because it separates we Jews who live among Arabs from the rest of Israel.

Can This Man Revitalize Israeli Journalism?

“We have to change the relationship to make people feel like journalism is here to serve them.”

I’m a Sephardic Latina With An Intersectional Identity. That’s Why I Oppose The Women’s March.

My intersectional experience as a feminist Latina immigrant from Argentina and a Sephardi Jew led me to abstain from the current Women’s March

Jewish Women Should Join Us At The Women’s March, Despite Our Mistakes

The March has evolved over the past few months as we humbly acknowledged our failings. Our movement is a safe place for Jewish women

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