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Letter | Palestinian leaders — not Zionism — are responsible for their people’s suffering

The fact is that there would be no separation barriers and roadblocks if the Palestinian leaders would stop trying to destroy Israel.

I’m an Orthodox Jew who loved National Review - until they betrayed us

Not only did I feel attacked as an Orthodox Jew, I felt let down by a publication that I hold in high regard.

Young people are staggeringly ignorant about the Holocaust. It’s dangerous.

If the authentic narrative continues to wane and we allow the truth to be turned into myth and denial to pervade and prevail.

Why do Palestinians love Bernie Sanders? He reconciles our narrative with the Zionist one

Bernie Sanders perfectly embodies a progressive Zionist spirit.


Your Partisanship Is Blinding You To The Truth About Iran

Diplomacy alone can not work with such a rogue regime, but neither will arbitrary military action without any defined end-goal.

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