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We Palestinians Condemned A Leader’s Anti-Semitism. Will It Matter?

“Denouncing and protesting such anti-Semitic language is the least Palestinians can do in our struggle for freedom and dignity.”

Trump Has Resurrected “Go Back To Africa” And It’s Uglier Than Ever

The moment, hence, presents a new imperative… it’s time to find both power and protection as a global Black Diaspora connected as one.


Caving To Trump On Racist Tweets, American Jewish Institutions Lost All Moral Credibility

By not taking a more hardline stance against Trump, American Jewish organizations are losing their moral credibility.


Letter | If Israel Controls Gaza, Is My Own Government Bombing Me?

If “Israel still rules Gaza,” that means that my own government decided to launch all those rockets

Actually Mr. President, Unlike You, Immigrants Are Deeply Patriotic

But we should stop pretending that most immigrants are ungrateful to be here or that they harbor undue resentment towards our country

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