Please Leave Politics Out Of Your High Holiday Sermons

Dear rabbis of the world: please don’t turn your congregants’ High Holiday spiritual experience into a political diatribe.


Why Did We Stop Talking About Standing Rock?

The closer they can get to the victims of this country’s original sins, the more that they can be cleansed of the guilt.

If You Don’t Believe In Judaism, Don’t Call Yourself A Jew

If a person thinks all Judaism means to them is they don’t like Israel and don’t find the services meaningful, maybe it is time for them to move on.


Alan Dershowitz: I Am Not A Mouthpiece For Trump

I am an objective commentator who has publicly criticized many of Trump’s policies, including on immigration.


Who Are The Jews Of France? Their Last Names Give A Clue

A significant number of Jews from the territories of the former Ottoman Empire, mainly from Turkey and usually of Sephardic origin, moved to France.

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