Am I Too Jewy for the In-Laws?

I married a half-Jewish man who was not raised with any belief system, but did celebrate a few Jewish and Christian holidays. His dad’s family, the Jewish side, was very pro-assimilation, so not only weren’t they religious, but there also wasn’t any yiddishkeit around the home, or Jewish humor. My husband was raised in a similar setting: there was Rosh Hashanah, but no arguments about chopped liver if you catch my drift.

His family is lovely, progressive and open-minded, and completely embracing of the Jewish home we keep. But sometimes I feel like there is still this cultural clash. I am pretty loud, open and love to joke around — including some gentle ribbing — and they are much more reserved. No making fun of one another allowed. Seesaw, sometimes interfaith life isn’t about religious clashes but instead cultural ones. Is it up to me to be more like them when I am with them, or be true to my very Jewish self?

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Am I Too Jewy for the In-Laws?

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