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Zuckerberg Is About To Be Wealthier Than Warren Buffett

Despite the turmoil that Facebook has faced over this past year after the Cambridge Analytica scandal — Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth has grown tremendously and he is expected to replace Warren Buffet as the world’s third richest person, NBC reported.

Although Facebook’s stocks initially dropped 18% after its highly-publicized exploitation and mishandling of data, its stocks have recently soared due to Zuckerberg’s new long-form video initiative on Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, and after it announced that Instagram has surpassed over 1 billion monthly users.

Mark Zuckerberg is 34 years old, which makes him the youngest of the ten richest people in the world.

Despite being multiple decades younger than Warren Buffet, Zuckerberg’s net worth now amounts to $81.6 billion, which is equivalent to Buffet’s net worth according to Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index.

The narrow gap between their fortunes stems from both Facebook’s rising success and the massive funds that Buffet has personally donated to charity.

Tamar Skydell is an intern at the Forward.

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Ivanka’s Friends Are ‘100% Sure’ She’ll Run For President, And Other ‘Born Trump’ Revelations

“Born Trump,” the tell-all look into the lives of the younger members of the first family, reads like Candace Bushnell-meets-Michael Wolff. Written by Vanity Fair journalist Emily Jane Fox, the new book is a delicious mixture of gossip, speculation and Liz Smith-ish insight that forms a juicy and Jew-cy narrative of the Trumps. Where the President failed, Fox does not — every page of her book titillates, even as it tends to rehash known dramas.

Here are some of Fox’s most gold-plated and sinister claims. Get out your popcorn, and maybe also your apocalypse-preparedness knapsack.

Ivanka’s friends are “one hundred percent sure” she will run for president

Fox’s book’s greatest triumph is its clear-eyed study of the woman who might be the most powerful first daughter in American history. Fox, who goes occasionally heavy-handed on the descriptions, calls Trump’s firstborn daughter, “the true second-generation version of that (Trump-style) salesman…tightly wound blond spoonful of sugar.”

And she will likely run for president, Fox says, according to her friends and business associates. “I’m a hundred percent sure it will happen,” one told the writer. “The attention, she loves it. She’s like, addicted.”


Wedding attendees claim that Ivanka smoked weed at Natalie Portman’s wedding

Ivanka and Jared attended Natalie Portman’s 2012 wedding to ballet dancer Benjamin Millepied as a married couple — Jared and the film star were friends at Harvard, though Portman has more recently referred to him as a “supervillain.” Friends at the wedding say Ivanka smoked weed alongside the Harvard/Hollywood crowd, which is an amusing image until you think about the fact that Ivanka now helps run a government that incarcerates people for the same crime.


Trump wanted Ivanka to get breast implants, and used her as his alibi when he cheated on Melania

Fox says that Trump often spoke with friends about his desire for his daughter to get breast implants, which he thought might help her modeling career. In another startling episode, Fox claims that when Trump was confronted by his then-girlfriend, Melania Knauss, about the makeup-smeared sheets and towels in his bedroom (which Fox says were casualties of his affair with model Kara Young), Trump told her that the linens had been dirtied by his daughter Ivanka.


Guests at the Trump-Kushner wedding complained about the Rabbi’s charge and gender segregation

We have now arrived at the Schmooze’s favorite piece of gossip in all 332 pages of Fox’s book. She quotes a guest who was present at Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s wedding saying this about Rabbi Haskel Lookstein, who officiated the ceremony and Ivanka’s conversion:

If the Schmooze had a dollar for every rabbi we’ve witnessed turn a romantic occasion into an opportunity to reflect on Jewish suffering, we’d be able to pay for an entire JNF forrest in Israel. Guests at the wedding also recalled gender-segregated dancing that extended to women being asked to leave the dance floor entirely for a portion of the evening, while men performed a “traditional dance.” Non-Orthodox guests were affronted, Fox writes, even as Jared’s sister Nicole Kushner explained the practice to them. Ivanka wasn’t bothered — “It wasn’t as if she was a Jewish American Princess, even,” one guest recalled. “It was as if she’d been made the Jewish American Queen.”

At the end of the night, Fox says guests were given party favors — a pair of personalized flip flops and “a little Jewish book.”

When Ivanka wanted to support the Murdoch kids’ bake-sale, she used her mom as Sabbath goy

The Schmooze can’t help it, we’re just so tickled by this story. You know that thing of when you want to buy cupcakes from Wendi and Rupert Murdoch’s daughters’ bake-sale fundraiser on 5th Avenue but you can’t use money on Shabbat so you go to your Christian mom’s house and make her buy you the cupcakes? It’s just exhausting being Jewish!

Ivanka celebrated completing her Jewish studies with a Swarovski-crystal studded, leopard-print mezuzah

All politics aside, we want to see this mezuzah.

Jared’s parents take the grandchildren on worldwide b’nai mitzvah trips; all begin with Nazi ghetto visit

Seryl and Charles have a minhag that’s not unusual among well-to-do grandparents — each of their grandchildren will take a special trip with them after their bar or bat mitzvahs to anywhere they want in the world. But each trip must begin with a visit to Novogrudok, the town in western Belarus where Charles’ mother Rae escaped the Nazis in 1942, taking shelter in the forests with the famous Bielski family group.

Fox also writes that as Ivanka and Jared’s children were been born, their Kushner grandparents bought each baby a multimillion dollar Manhattan apartment, put in a trust labeled “Kinderlach.”

“Well, I guess he’ll do”: Jared’s Jewish community on having the eldest Kushner son as a representative

In her research process, Fox spoke to members of the Kushners’ Paramus Jewish day school, the Ramaz school where Jared and Ivanka sent their children for a time, and Kehilath Jeshurun, where the couple attends services in New York and where Ivanka converted. Many people, she writes, were comforted to have a person who shared a similar lifestyle gain so much power.

However, she writes, “The consensus was that, without a doubt, there were smarter, more accomplished guys in his high school class alone who would have been perfect geniuses in the role. With Jared, the feeling was more along the lines of, Well, I guess he’ll do.” A high school classmate said, “He wouldn’t be a first- or second- or third-round draft pick.”

The Trump children had genuine emotional hardships

Fox doesn’t try to make a case for the Trump kids suffering, because she doesn’t have to — sometimes, they clearly did. Take this passage, about what it was like being Ivanka, Don jr., or Eric in 1993 —

“Within three years, the kids had seen their parents’ marriage publicly unravel; their grandfather, who was much more their father figure, die of a heart attack at sixty-three; and Bridget, their nanny, who was much more their mother figure, die of a heart attack at sixty-seven. Their dad’s sex life was thrown in their faces, and his mistress, whom they didn’t much like at all, was now expecting another baby, while the press hounded them throughout.”

When Secret Service accompanies the Trump-Kushners to New Jersey for the High Holidays, Jared recommends cool local dive bars that the agents think he’s lying about having visited

Your great-grandparents never thought they’d hear that happening in this country.

Jenny Singer is the deputy lifestyle editor for the Forward. You can reach her at Singer@forward.com or on Twitter @jeanvaljenny

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‘Jerry Springer’ Has Been Canceled After 27 Years

4,000 episodes later it seems we have decided that reality is bad enough as it is — the salacious talk show “Jerry Springer” has been canceled after 27 seasons.

Daytime drama junkies, don’t panic — “Springer” will still be shown in syndication, plus producers say “there is a possibility” of more original episodes, which doesn’t sound much like cancelation at all. When it comes to Jerry, audiences know that the only thing we can expect is the unexpected.

The show, which debuted in 1991, began by covering issues like homelessness, and peaked when Springer brought on a man who married his horse. Other memorable moments include a mother-daughter domination team riding their human slave around the stage, and meeting a man who castrated himself. Today, the official website for “Springer” beckons guests with three questions: “Did you have a child with a transsexual or are you pregnant by a transsexual?” “Are you ready to turn up and get lit and confront somebody on the Jerry Springer Show?” and “Do you have a sexy job?”

For this, the world turns.

We’re not sure if we’ll miss the Jewish lawyer-turned-RJK-advisor-turned-Cincinnati-Mayor-turned-human-zoo-operator, and we’re not sure if we’ll have to since producers seem to hint he wont be gone for long. For now we’ll just say, as Jerry would: “Good luck to all of our guests, hope you can find some happiness in your future endeavors. Until next time, take care of yourself and each other.”

Jenny Singer is the deputy lifestyle editor for the Forward. You can reach her at Singer@forward.com or on Twitter @jeanvaljenny

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Zoey Deutch Slams James Franco’s Kissing Skills Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations

Zoey Deutch’s verdict on James Franco’s kissing skills are in.

“Meh,” she deadpans on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.”

After test driving his lips in a scene on “Why Him,” she candidly describes his bad breath and mediocre smooching talent. When prompted, she confirms that it was nothing memorable. As a teen, I grew up swooning over the Jewish Spider-Man tritagonist of my dreams, that I can’t help but believe her commentary is inaccurate.

But, because I would never have the chance to lock lips with himself (unless he miraculously decides to join JSwipe), I’ll have to take her word for it. It’s no coincidence that her remarks come forth after the 40-year-old movie star was accused by multiple women of sexually inappropriate behavior.

Maybe this is Deutch’s way of getting back at Franco for allegedly wronging her fellow women? We will never truly know for sure, but are happy to report that the 23-year-old celebrity is now kissing men who haven’t been accused of harassing anyone, like dreamy Glen Powell in Netflix’s new movie, “Set it Up.” We’re looking forward to more celeb kissing reviews from Zoey in the near future.

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Kate Spade Foundation Donated $1M To Mental Health. Here’s What You Can Do.

“join us in supporting mental health awareness…”

It was a regular promotional email from Kate Spade. The on-brand greeting in all lower case letters and periods of ellipsis, would normally serve as a tactic to casually lure a viewer into buying something.

But for once, this marketing email was not trying to sell me something; the people behind the email server were urging me to help support a good cause in memory of their beloved founder. Even though I never shelled out money to buy a bag with the Kate Spade label plastered on its leather surface, I knew that I could afford to donate my time and ma’aser (a Jewish obligation to give 10% of their income) to a worthy cause.

The Kate Spade Foundation is donating over $1 million dollars to mental health awareness causes, starting with $250,000 to the Crisis Text Line. They also stated that they will match public donations made to the hotline of up to $100,000.

You may be wondering then, where all the Jewish mental health organizations are at. So we’ve got you covered. Below is a list of organizations you can clear your wallet, or your schedule, for:

1: Sephardic Bikur Holim:

“Our Mental Health Division is at the forefront of helping all community members maximize their potential to function in all aspects of their daily living through our outstanding Counseling Center and a multi-dimensional resource center.”


“Relief Resources is a non-profit organization whose mission is to guide individuals to the best mental health resources available. At Relief, we recognize that everyone must be treated as an individual, and that everyone deserves to have access to the best available options to meet their specific needs and challenges.”

3: Nefesh:

“NEFESH-International is an interdisciplinary organization of Orthodox Jewish mental health professionals providing leadership and interdisciplinary education in the field of personal, family, and community mental health.”


“JPSYCH was started by David H. Rosmarin in 2001 as an on-line laboratory to directly investigate the role of Jewish religiousness in psychological wellbeing. Since its inception, JPSYCH has enabled nearly 3000 individuals from across the globe to participate in 10 empirical studies on Jewish spirituality/religion and psychological variables. Data collected from JPSYCH studies has enabled researchers in the United States, Canada, Europe and Israel to better understand the relationships between Judaism and mental health.”

5: The Jewish Education Project:

“Youth Mental Health First Aid is an 8-hour course that introduces participants to the unique risk factors and warning signs of mental health problems in adolescents, builds an understanding of the importance of early intervention, and teaches individuals how to help an adolescent in crisis or experiencing a mental health challenge.”

Bonnie Azoulay is an intern at the Forward.

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