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The Unlikely Friendship Between A Chabad Rabbi And A Professional Fratboy

Andy Borans: The Man and The Legend. Borans, head of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity for over two decades, is the person who has single-handedly had more influence on college students than any other college professional. AEPi is his life, his family. Borans is all about developing future Jewish leaders.

I Survived A Totalitarian Regime. ‘Believe All Women’ Is A Recipe For Disaster

I was six- years-old, growing up in Bucharest, Romania, when I was denounced as a public menace. Mariana, who lived next door, was the first to jump on the bandwagon. Her parents were communist party officials. Until that moment, I didn’t know why we were hiding at my grandparents’ house and everyone spoke in whispers, or where the loud-voiced-men took my father the night he disappeared.

Remembering The Positive Changes President Carter Made For Israel — And American Jews

September 17 marked the 40th anniversary of President Jimmy Carter’s singular achievement — the Camp David Accords. The Accords established the framework of the Israeli-Egyptian Peace Treaty, which the parties signed six months later. In return for Prime Minister Menachem Begin ordering Israeli withdrawal — including settlements — from the entire Sinai Peninsula, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat agreed to recognize Israel as a state. The peace has endured, although the other half of the bargain, a framework for resolving the conflict with the Palestinians, broke down shortly afterward.

Deported Synagogue Custodian Has One Last Chance To Appeal

In May 2018, Rabbi Aaron Brusso shared the harrowing news that ICE had just deported his synagogue’s beloved custodian. His Forward op-ed, “Our Synagogue’s Custodian Is A Member Of Our Family - And ICE Just Deported Him,” recalled how Armando had been a beloved member of the community for decades, but was now facing deportation after he was unlucky enough to be in a restaurant when a fight broke out.

How Did The Murdered Warsaw Ghetto Rabbi Build A Huge Modern Following?

This month, thousands of unlikely Hasidim will commemorate the martyrdom of a lesser-known rabbi sometimes called “The Rebbe of the Warsaw Ghetto.” Since the discovery of his buried Holocaust manuscripts in December 1950, fascination with the creative genius and theological heroism of Rabbi Kalonymus Kalmish Shapira has swelled into a rising tide of interest in unexpected circles.

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