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Can A Gay Man Sexually Harass A Woman?

I came out as gay almost twenty years ago, and as a greying man now in my late 60s, I never dreamed that I could be threatening to women. Women who know me know that I am not interested in them as objects of desire. I am happily and monogamously married to my husband, and I talk about him often in ways that portray us as an old married couple. As a member of an oppressed group, I am able to see the subtle abuses suffered by women as the result of male privilege. I do not identify with straight men, and for all of the decades in which I was closeted, I could not identify with their objectification of women as sexual objects. As a result, I have always assumed that young women would feel safe around me.

The Jewish Case for Cynthia Nixon

The first time I heard Cynthia Nixon was running for governor of New York, I was unsure what to think. Previously, I knew her only as an actress from Sex and the City and as the mother of one of my classmates. Sure, I’d heard about her activism, but taking on Andrew Cuomo? Seemed like a longshot.

Ranking Colleges Does Jewish Students A Disservice

The Forward recently published their second annual College Guide for Jewish Students. As the outgoing Student Activities Director at Harvard Hillel, I am honored that Harvard was tied for the #1 campus for Jewish life.

Don’t Let BDS On Campus Scare You Away

In April, Barnard College’s student body and George Washington University’s student government both voted to encourage their respective Boards of Trustees to divest from companies affiliated with Israel. They joined over thirty other campuses who have passed similar resolutions aligned with the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.

Think Airport Interrogations In Israel Are New? Ask An Arab

A British Palestinian professor deported. A Swedish Jewish journalist questioned for hours. An East Jerusalem Palestinian professor hassled on her way to Tunis. A woman strip searched for being born in the Middle East. A French intern at an Israeli newspaper held for hours on her way back from Turkey. An Israeli Supreme Court justice’s daughter treated rudely and accused of having fake documents. A former US Secretary of Health and Human Services stopped because she had an Arab last name.

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