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Recent Posts:

How Much Do Diaspora Jews Matter To Israel?

President Reuven Rivlin’s 2015 “Tribes” speech spoke of the existence of a “new Israeli order” that comprises four main tribes: secular, ultra-Orthodox, Arabs, and religious Zionists. That, supposedly, is the Israeli collective: a federation of tribes with a common future, even if they disagree profoundly regarding the appropriate vision for the State of Israel.

When Criticism Of Israel Becomes Anti-Semitic

While Twitter can sometimes enable worthwhile conversations between people who would not otherwise cross paths, it can also function as an echo chamber where the same arguments are repeated ad infinitum. So it is with the usual suspects who constantly feel compelled to assert that “criticizing Israel isn’t anti-Semitic. Calling it anti-Semitic is a silencing tactic.” When I encounter this talking point I try to keep nauseous feelings at bay and scroll past these one-trick ponies. It’s more difficult than it seems.

The Laws Of Hanukkah 101: All Of Your Burning Questions, Answered

Q: Can electric candles be used for Hanukkah?

It’s Time To Stop Excusing Palestinian Violence

In the lead up to the day when David Ben-Gurion read aloud Israel’s Declaration of Independence in 1948, there was a fierce battle in the U.S. Administration surrounding whether to recognize the new Jewish State.

It’s Israel-Bashing Season Again At The U.N.

It is this time of the year again.

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