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Recent Posts:

I Have A Disability — But Judaism Empowers Me To Advocate For Inclusion

A version of this article originally appeared in New Voices.

I’m A School Psychologist — And I Think Teachers Should Be Armed.

I’ve been a School Psychologist for the past 20 years. In the wake of the school shootings in Florida, I am brought right back to December 7, 2017, the day of the deadly mass shooting at the high school I currently serve. In the aftermath, I helped to counsel students through the trauma caused by direct exposure to a murderous terrorist act — including nightmares, uncontrollable and unpredictable floods of tears, senseless “what if” questions, anxious obsessing and survivors’ guilt.

Should Hamantaschen Be Sweet Or Savory?

The Jewish holiday of Purim is fast-approaching: In 2018, the holiday begins the night of February 28 and ends March 1st.

20th Century Fox Was My Family’s Jewish Success Story. Will Disney Destroy Our Legacy?

Disney’s impending takeover of 20th Century Fox film studio feels like a death in the family. Why? Because I carry Wurtzel blood. Three generations of my family toiled to make Fox a Hollywood powerhouse. Just over 100 years ago, New York Jewish movie mogul William Fox dispatched my great-grandfather Sol M. Wurtzel from the Lower East Side’s Jewish tenements to Los Angeles to supervise production at Fox’s new West Coast studio.

I Only Date Other Jews. Does That Make Me A Racist?

At a recent dinner party, a fervent argument broke out over the way one chooses romantic partners.

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