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Recent Posts:

Is There A Jewish Blessing For Better Sex?

I’m 60 years old and I’m having the best sex of my life.

What Really Happened During The Birthright Walkouts

In recent months, several young Jews have walked off of or have been asked to leave their Birthright trips as part of an initiative by the anti-occupation group IfNotNow called Birthright: Not Just A Free Trip.

You Can’t Be An Effective American Zionist Without Witnessing The Occupation Firsthand

Like most American Jews, I live with the tension between Israel the dream and Israel the reality.

Want To Save The World The Jewish Way? Become A Vegetarian

My summer camp had a funny mealtime tradition. When the kitchen staff was planning a special dessert, for which we would need to hang onto a utensil after the dishes were cleared, they would ask one table of campers to announce it to the dining hall. Those campers would, in unison, pound on their table and shout out “SAVE YOUR SPOONS” for all of camp to hear. At that point, some other group of witty campers would inevitably pound on their table and shout “SAVE THE WHALES,” and another would answer with “SAVE THE EARTH,” and so on, and so forth.

It’s Time For Jewish Organizations To Divest — From Fossil Fuels

What do the University of Maryland, New York City’s pension funds and the country of Ireland have in common? They’ve all chosen to pull their money from fossil fuel companies. Despite the choices of many other faith-based groups, Jewish communal institutions are notably absent from the long list of major organizations that have taken this critical step, with the lone exception of Congregation Kolot Chayeinu in Brooklyn, New York.

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