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Recent Posts:

The Laws Of Hanukkah 101: All Of Your Burning Questions, Answered

Q: Can electric candles be used for Hanukkah?

It’s Time To Stop Excusing Palestinian Violence

In the lead up to the day when David Ben-Gurion read aloud Israel’s Declaration of Independence in 1948, there was a fierce battle in the U.S. Administration surrounding whether to recognize the new Jewish State.

It’s Israel-Bashing Season Again At The U.N.

It is this time of the year again.

Trump Declared Jerusalem Israel’s Capital — So What Happens Next?

Jerusalem — Be careful what you wish for. The Jewish right in Israel and the United States are doing somersaults and handstands now that the United States has formally recognized “Jerusalem” to be the capital of the State of Israel. As with all things Donald, nothing good is going to come of it, not for the parties to the conflict on the ground, and, one suspects, not for the supporters of the statement. What, after all, does the statement actually entail and what are the possible ramifications?

75 Years Ago, Brave Poles Documented Nazi Atrocities

As we search for leaders of integrity and bravery, we would do very well to remember the actions of some outstanding and honourable Poles during World War II.

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