National Council of Jewish Women

Location: New York, NY

Category: Advocacy or Public Service

Nancy K. Kaufman


The National Council of Jewish Women is a Jewish volunteer organization that supports progressive issues and social justice, focusing primarily on issues related to women, children and families. The 118-year-old organization was founded in the spirit of women’s empowerment and the advancement of Jewish ideals of social justice. In recent years, NCJW has launched campaigns to support women’s reproductive rights and access to contraception, promote and protect the right to vote, and combat domestic violence.

Nancy Kaufman serves as the National Council of Jewish Women’s CEO. She previously served as executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Boston. She also worked as a deputy director of the Governor’s Office of Social Policy in Massachusetts, deputy commissioner of the Welfare Department for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and assistant secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. She has received numerous awards, including the Jewish Funds for Justice’s Woman of Valor Award in 2007.


Institution Total Expenses: $4,420,873

Employees: 28

Salary: $238,774

Underpaid by: 3%


Institution Total Expenses: $4,420,873

Employees: 28

Salary: $238,774


Institution Total Expenses: $3,614,153

Salary: $175,2465


Salary: $175,2464


Salary: $175,422

  • 1Interim head of organization
  • 2Data from 2012
  • 3Data from 2011
  • 4Data from 2010
  • 5Data from 2009
  • 6Data from 2008
  • 7Data from 2007
  • 8Includes payment from SWC Museum Corp.
  • 9Predecessor's salary
  • 10Partial year
  • 11Not a 501(c)3
  • 12Annualized
  • 13Position currently vacant
  • 14As per Form 990, JNF declined to comment
  • 15Base salary
  • 16Data from president-elect period
  • 172010 Employees
  • 18Legally exempt from public disclosure of salary
  • 19Highest paid professional, not CEO
  • 20Paid from two related organizations
  • 21Data from 2013
  • 22Data from 2014
  • 23Data from 2015
  • 24Includes a one-time honorarium of $55,000
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