The Israel Project

Location: Washington, DC

Category: Advocacy or Public Service

Josh Block

CEO & President

Founded in 2003, during the second intifada, The Israel Project seeks to improve Israel’s image by educating policymakers, the press and the public. TIP provides briefings and reports on Israel and its security situation and offers diplomats and journalists intelligence tours of Israel. In an effort to change the conversation about Israel in the Arab world, TIP runs Al-Masdar, an Arabic-language news site covering Israel and the Jewish world. TIP also operates The Tower, an English-language website and magazine about Israel and the Middle East.

Josh Block was appointed CEO and executive director of The Israel Project in 2012. A veteran of Washington politics and the Democratic Party, Block worked for Senators Edward Kennedy and Chuck Schumer, among others. He served as a spokesman for the Clinton-Gore and Gore-Lieberman presidential campaigns and the State Department’s U.S. Agency for International Development during the Clinton administration. He spent almost a decade on the senior staff of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, served as a senior fellow at the Progressive Policy Institute and founded communications and strategic consulting firms.


Institution Revenue: $6,609,073

Institution Total Expenses: $7,552,519

Employees: 42

Salary: $401,750

Overpaid by: 33%


Institution Revenue: $5,901,857

Institution Total Expenses: $7,165,162

Employees: 39

Salary: $348,000


Institution Total Expenses: $9,107,572

Employees: 38

Salary: $212,0009

Underpaid by: 26%


Institution Total Expenses: $9,709,079

Employees: 40

Salary: $219,1679


Institution Total Expenses: $6,169,191

Salary: $220,0009


Salary: $200,000

  • 1Interim head of organization
  • 2Data from 2012
  • 3Data from 2011
  • 4Data from 2010
  • 5Data from 2009
  • 6Data from 2008
  • 7Data from 2007
  • 8Includes payment from SWC Museum Corp.
  • 9Predecessor's salary
  • 10Partial year
  • 11Not a 501(c)3
  • 12Annualized
  • 13Position currently vacant
  • 14As per Form 990, JNF declined to comment
  • 15Base salary
  • 16Data from president-elect period
  • 172010 Employees
  • 18Legally exempt from public disclosure of salary
  • 19Highest paid professional, not CEO
  • 20Paid from two related organizations
  • 21Data from 2013
  • 22Data from 2014
  • 23Data from 2015
  • 24Includes a one-time honorarium of $55,000
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