Oseh Shalom
7515 Olive Branch Way Laurel, MD. 20707
Denominational affiliation:
Member units (households):
What percentage of members are older than 50?
Oseh Shalom does not keep statistics based on the number of members older and younger than 50. Our membership categories range from under 30 to seniors.
How many people attend a regular Shabbat service?
Our Friday night service attendance is larger than Saturday morning, unless there is a Bar or Bat Mitzvah that week. Bar/Bat Mitzvah services are held on Saturday mornings. We have members of the Oseh Shalom community who regularly attend both types of services. Shabbat morning services include Torah discussion and chanting of the Torah.
Length of typical Shabbat morning service?
Friday night averages about 1 hour. Saturday mornings average 2 hours.
Shabbat dress code:
We do not have a formal dress code. Members should wear whatever they are comfortable wearing while respecting the sanctity of services.
Daily services?
We periodically offer special services with guest speakers as well as as meditation services, Ruach services with our rabbi, cantor and congregational musicians, and learning services.
Does your synagogue have its own building? If not, where do you meet for services?
Yes, our building is unique (it has a dome over the sanctuary with three rings of quotes from the Tanach at the top of the dome), and contains a lot of religious symbolism. Potential members are encouraged to take a tour of our building.
Is there an opportunity to socialize after services?
Yes, Oseh Shalom is a community and our members enjoy socializing with one another. There is an Oneg Shabbat after Friday night services and a light Kiddush after Saturday morning services. On some Friday evenings and Saturday mornings we have prepared meals or pot luck meals.
Language of service:
Both Hebrew and English
Is another language offered in the prayer book?
Both Hebrew and English
Children’s programming:
Shabbat ShaBoker-3rd Saturday of every month (ages birth to K-1), Tot Shabbat (1st Friday of the month during Friday night Shabbat Services), and Family Shabbat (1st Friday of the month). There is also a separate family service in a tent for the High Holidays.

Accessibility for people with disabilities:
We have sign language interpretation for the high holidays and for Shabbat Services on the first Friday of the month. We have a ramp outside the building and a portable ramp that can be used to allow disabled members access to the Bimah. We have hearing-assistive devices available to hearing-impaired members. We have a skilled sign language interpreter who interprets for our monthly Erev Shabbat family service, for our High Holiday and other special services. Our sign language interpreter also interprets for some Religious School events. Our religious school director actively works with families with special needs kids so that these children can have a meaningful religious school experience and B’nei Mitzvah. Our kids with special needs and their families are full participants in all aspects of our congregational life.
Are services streamed online?
Yes, available here (with password).
Are the rabbi’s sermons available online?
Rabbis sermons are available on line as part of the streaming. Access to the streaming is limited to members. Friends of Oseh Shalom membership, which allows access to the streaming, is available to people living more than 100 miles away from Oseh Shalom.
Percentage of members in interfaith marriages?
About 1/3 of our members are intermarried.
Will the rabbi officiate at an interfaith wedding? Will he/she attend one?
Our rabbis and cantor will officiate at and participate in interfaith weddings.
Are there distinct roles for men and women in your synagogue?
There are no gender distinct roles at Oseh Shalom. We also welcome members of the LGBTQ community.

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