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Lihi Turjeman

Lihi Turjeman (born 1985) is a Tel-aviv based Artist. She got her MFA from Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem and at the école national superior des beaux-arts in Paris, as a visiting student . In 2015 she stayed at the artist residency ‘Cite international des¬ Art’ in Paris and got the young artist Ministry of Culture Award . Turjeman is a former residentat of Artport TLV and currently a resident at foundation Spinola Banna in Italy. Her large scale painting installations are characterized by a monochromatic nature and Revolves around space in all its forms and multiple meanings. Her works emphasize the extreme duality of an epic approach and a microscopic attention to details that are drawn by ‘mapping’ and scratching the surface.
Her practice includes a manner that can be categorized as action painting, in which she performs physical actions on the surface of the painting. Through smearing, rubbing, peeling, staining and gluing, she harden the fabric, while emphasizing its folds and textures. In Turjeman’s work, the canvas may function as a wall, a territory or a map that is yet to be drawn.