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0Im Here PCDC - "Im HERE", the Experience

“I’m HERE” is a work created by choreographer Enzo Celli and written for the Peridance Contemporary Dance Company, directed by Igal Perry.

The project, elaborated in agreement with the Peridance Contemporary Dance Company of Igal Perry, of which choreographer Enzo Celli has been a resident since July 2012, aims at intersecting three worlds, the American world, the Italian world, the Jewish world, as they are just united for their common love for life and for freedom, which during the years of the Second World War had been heavily punished but which are today estimated to be the absolute values to be protected.

Assuming the drama of the Holocaust as the starting point, Enzo Celli analyses what is the drama of separation: separation from the beloved person, from the affections, from love. “I’M HERE” is a work that offers a great understanding by audiences of the drama in question, even though it represents the concept of the massive extermination : so the choreography allows penetration in a drama of our times, and becomes a modern, daily message.

“The Holocaust has always caused in me a macabre feeling of relativism deviation. In my efforts to comprehend the tragic event, I have always felt that I would have been afraid not of Death but of the separation from what my soul, my spirit, my body, the person I love.

This is why I have wanted to face the drama of the young couples that in the middle of their lives have been pushed in the most execrable precipice and I felt it so crude for an artist to take the part of those people. What I cannot endure is the separation from the person I love. This is why I have wanted to face this matter, telling the drama of these young couples that in the middle of their lives and youth have watched their love un-rooted and then thrown into the most execrable precipice that has been written by our contemporary history”.

Enzo Celli

Coreography: Enzo Celli Assistant Coreography: Elisabetta Minutoli Music: Abel Korzeniowskji Costumes: Jaime Torres