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0Rainy Day, by Rainy Day (David Roback & friends),1984,Full album,9 songs,CD rip

With Susanna Hoffs, Kendra Smith,Vicki Peterson,Michael Quercio,Karl Precoda,Will Glenn, Steven Roback,Dennis Duck. David Roback’s 1984 album project collaborating with many musicians from various Paisley Underground LA bands. Labels: Llama Records, Enigma Records, & Rough Trade Originally released as a Vinyl LP album in 1984. In 1989 Rough Trade issued it as a CD. This recording’s a lossless FLAC file ripped from a Canadian manufactured Rough Trade CD. (Thanks go to the uploader who upped it as a torrent file & kindly made it available online). The Paisley Undergroud scene of LA bands of the 1980s was inspired by 1960s rock/psychedelia, of which David Roback’s bands Rain Parade, then Opal, & later Mazzy Star were a part. This Rainy Day album was David’s project. It contains covers of 9 of his favourite songs from the 1960s,&one from the 1970s(Holocaust).He enlisted musicians & singers from a variety of Paisley Underground bands to collaborate on the album. David produced, & is the only musician to appear on every track. Here’s an informative article on the Paisley Underground with special reference to David Roback, & the Rainy Day project, “One Nation Underground: The Story of the Paisley Underground”: www.magnetmagazine.com Tracklisting (A or B means a song’s from the A-side or B-side of the original LP) A1 I’ll Keep It With Mine (Bob Dylan) Guitar, Tambourine, Vocals — David Roback; Violin — Will Glenn; Bass-Michael Quercio; Lead Vocals — Susanna Hoffs A2 John Riley