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0Nick Carter Green - "Inception" (LIVE @ High Noon Saloon!)

11.13.11 - High Noon Saloon - Madison, WI. www.NickCarterGreen.com http www.facebook.com XCI | MMLL | XCIempire.com Directed By Joe Guerilla Films Featured Clothing By: Angry Hero Produced By: June G. Download Link: tinyurl.com Lyrics: [Verse] Uh… I’m The ‘91 Phenomenon I’m Bigger Than Comic-Con Hope You Got An Empire For Me And Mine To Overrun Future Bright, That Light Ain’t Off Time With Hes Is Time I Lost ‘Cause I’m The Boss, I’m The Boss Dropping Jewels… Holocaust! Nggas Know My Name In Every Circle And Btch Ain’t No Denying That Like Laura Did With Urcle And Your Girl Wanna Be Myra So, She Can Give Me More Head Than Tyra But I Go Tit For Tat Like Tyga Don’t Get Your Top Knocked Off Like Visors And… I Don’t Gotta See That Show, ‘Cause All These Hes Are Pretty Little Liars But Still I Stand Like Risers Btch, I Rock Like I’m Stuck In Tires American Pie Her But Please Tell Me Where Is Tara Reid Though? Cali Resident Like I Never Seen Snow All I Really Need Is A Lebanese He, And That Red-Head Chick From That 70’s Show And I’m Out This World Like Anakin, Darth Vader On A Bad Day Call Me What You Want, ‘Cause Either Way I’m Fcking Padme The President Is Present Motherfck Your Dmn Election I’m Living Out Your Dreams Btch, I Guess This Is Inception Now You’re Dreading ‘Cause You Wanna Be Waka Smoke Weed ‘Cause You Wanna Be Wiz Get Tats ‘Cause You Wanna Be Wayne Fck Dames ‘Cause You Wanna Be This But Can You Please Hop Off My Dck? N*gga Just Give Me A Reason