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0Grand Folk - Grandma

This is a film of Grandma (Elsie Cottrell) talking about her life and thoughts, and includes her laughter, love, wisdom and funny comments.

Being born in East London, her parents and grandparents, World War 1, smoking to combat Spanish Influenza epidemic, the family business and home, uncle Bob’s suicide, school in East London, love & Merrick, wedding dress petticoat from parachute silk, ‘dyed in the wool Anglican’, work in telecomms lab (including vintage footage from 1943), build-up to World War 2, declaration of war, air-raids in the East End of London, sister Denise (Glover nee Stoten), Merrick in the RAF in Burma, Americans!, the Holocaust, Germans, class changes after World War 2, the Welfare State, poverty, divided society, post war homes - Wanstead, Dover, daughter Rosemary, Merrick’s music, Home Office music society, Rob & Rosemary, moving to Molescroft, politics, general wisdom and humour!

If you like the idea of this film, please do the same with your own family and friends — you will be amazed what you learn, and be able to pass it on to generations who weren’t as lucky to know them personally.