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0TALEBJöRN - "Guru"

Official EP version of “Guru” Like us on facebook! www.facebook.com Jon - Guitar/Vocals Christian - Bass Magnus - Drums/Keys Lyrics: Guru’s messages were so deep No profanity, just sanity And man were his lyrics sweet He was a treat for all of us His flows they shook the world like the holocaust Not in a bad way though Cuz you know that his flows Came outta Brooklyn with no fucking dope Nah he wasn’t into deadly habitz Came from Boston And dropped his influential baggage Down in New York, that’s where he repp’t Workin’ underground with Premo while fake MC’s they slept Had alott’a moments of thruth I observed with couth I let it inspire me in my youth. Vers 2 Guru wasn’t one to die by the gun He used his mic to kill, but it wasn’t just for funz Now he’s gone, and it’s such a shame Cause it’s the industry to blame that guys like Wayne are gettin’ fame He’s a legend to me, should be a legend to you And if alive today, I know he’d cut through All the weak rappers out there tryin’ to develop into Musicians or artists, cuz you know it’s true, that Music really isn’t what it used to be With the hippies in the 60’ies and Zeppelin in 73 In the 80’ies, old school rappers came along And in the 90’ies Biggie, Pac and Guru were strong I shake my head, when I realize how Hip Hop wen’t wrong I pray for a storm, and wait till these faggots are gone I’m gonna bomb, every single talentless cat I’m sick of you rats, now watch me as I rip off your hat. Vers 3 I guess I’m a rookie to this