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0"Piss Stains on Tan Pants" (2013)

I read “piss stains on tan pants…”

piss stains on tan pants are unavoidable

the sign is given the annunciator plays the first four notes of das horst wessel lied

moving over low shaggy clouds i heave and flow tragic indecision i am a dragon/i am a kite arrowhead made by obsidian

pastiche = paste shit social psychology explains the holocaust a fifth column for mubarak holdovers wieczny skup palet

nosebleed at 30,000 ft. watercolour on silk a pattern of endless leaves (oh. you’re almost wearing me

my cock hardens i think: jacob’s ladder lizards of the levant photocopier codes

in march i tin apricots & jeans (change comes from the chain i watch the translated vase all beauty and blue glaze

handles and spouts littéralement the tip of rain