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0Doc Editing with Jimmy Carter: Man From Plains and First Position Editor Kate Amend

After shooting thousands of hours of material, doc makers have to navigate the footage to create a story that resonates. Kate Amend is a seasoned and renowned editor, who’s work includes Jimmy Carter: Man From Plains, Into the Arms of Strangers, and First Position, and she joins us to talk editing.

From her preference between AVID and Final Cut, to working with Jimmy Carter and holocaust footage, we look at Kate’s work and hear her thoughts on the process.

GUEST BIO: Kate Amend has received the International Documentary Association’s inaugural award for Outstanding Achievement in Editing for her work, including two Academy Award-winning documentaries: Into The Arms of Strangers (2001) and The Long Way Home (1998). She received the 2001 American Cinema Editors’ Eddie award. Other credits include the Oscar-nominated short On Tiptoe: Gentle Steps to Freedom (2001), HBO’s Thin(2006), and The World According To Sesame Street (2005). Amend has been a Sundance Institute Documentary Edit and Story Lab advisor since 2005 and is on the faculty of the Cinema Dept at the University of Southern California.

ADD’L LINKS: http://www.balletdocumentary.com/