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“Thanks for everybody who listen and advertise this. I’m a special kind of musicfan who want to send some message to the people about the meaning of the real life with using and mixing some good trance and other tunes. Belive in love as a value is not an easy thing in presents shit world, but if we refuse love because it’s not real like Santa Claus or others then we will be recognize often too late in our life that our soul and our heart scared strongly and died within us. The killer is the racionalism what try to explain that love is not a real value, a human is not a real value, but the statistics about the robot products are real value, and opposite a living organism one dollar or one euro is the real value. In this racionalism World house which is full of poor workers can not be a real value, because they are human only, but a house which is built from the stolen gold of the killed holocaust jews can be and stay to the end of this time a real value perfectly. Strange World.. The real people you who suffer enough start to feel each other within the Fog. This Fog hide you and your problems and minimalize the others problems oppisite yours. You can’t see that this is a stepping stone in the mind of the humanity. The only thing what we can start is the hope. The hope is our mental Sun, which can give us happy feelings. If we have enough happy feelings (strong in hope) we can share our happy and our hope to the others who need our help. We in this way behave as a borning